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Where should I study a degree in Europe?

Choosing to study a degree abroad isn’t an easy choice. While the subject you choose and the prestige of the university are important, it’s also important to think about the destination. 

Europe is an extremely popular destination for both EU...

How to apply for an engineering degree abroad

Engineering is a highly popular degree, with excellent job prospects around the world. Many engineering graduates go on to work abroad, so choosing to study an engineering degree abroad is a logical step.

How can I apply for an engineering degree ...

How can I study overseas? Five ways you could study abroad

The idea of studying abroad is a glamorous and exciting one. New cultures, new people, new languages and a new life might all be in your head, but in reality there is plenty of planning to be done before you head abroad. Here are five ways you could ...

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PhD Spotlight: MSEC – Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program Deadline- June 1st

February 13, 2018 
James Thornhill

Overview- With a focus on applied research, industrial outreach and entrepreneurial training, Texas State is uniquely positioned in the region to offer this combination of skills, providing education with relevance with the materials science, engineering, and commercialization (MSEC) degree. Students gain valuable experience that prepares them for real-world success.

Here’s what international students say about studying at Texas State

December 14, 2017 
James Thornhill

Texas State is an international hub, with students from across the world calling its San Marcos campus home. With dedicated resources for international students and faculties that are rewarded for integrating multiculturalism into their teaching, it’s easy to see why so many choose Texas State for their university career.

How Latin American students can benefit from scholarships at Texas State

Lucy Miller

Texas State is a university that’s committed to diversity and to increasing its international student population – this year alone has seen a massive 93% increase in Latin American students joining the university, with many Texas State students also choosing to spend time studying south of the US border.

International student life at Texas State

Lucy Miller

Texas State is a respected and valuable place to choose for your international education – named a “top-producing institution” of Fulbright scholars three times since 2010, with an international outlook that saw almost 900 students studying internationally in the last academic year and a geographic location that puts it within easy reach of Latin America, there can hardly be a better place to choose.




Here are some of the things you’ll benefit from as an international student at Texas State…

Overwhelmed? Tips on selecting a University

October 9, 2017 
Guest Editor

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ first Schleddentag Cardboard Sled Race took place Saturday west of Kelly Shorts Stadium on the hills near Lots 63 and 64. Students raced their homemade sleds built with cardboard and duct tape until they disintegrated. Organizers hope to make it an annual event. Central Michigan University Photo by Steve Jessmore

It’s time to choose a university.  It’s time to take a big step toward your future.  These are big decisions for you as a university bound student, but with so many options, how do you decide where to go.


To start, make a list of your priorities when choosing a school.  Is the location of a school important to you?  Do you want to go to a large university or a smaller campus?  What kind of extracurricular actives are important to you?  Does scholarship play a large or small role in your university decision?


Establishing what is important to you will help you rank your university options and make sure you are focusing on the most important pieces to you as an individual student.  There is not one school which is the best choice for every student; it’s a very personalized choice, and you need to decide what is important to you.

These are the universities with the highest number of international students

April 27, 2017 
James Thornhill

491522385With so many options to study overseas you might be wondering which universities are welcoming the largest number of international students on to their campuses.


As part of their World University Rankings Times Higher Education has announced the universities with the highest percentage of international students.

International students in the USA: today is the last day to submit your student tax return

April 18, 2017 
James Thornhill

If you are currently studying in the United States you must submit your student tax return today, 18th April 2017.

Most international students are considered non-residents for tax purposes and you must ensure you submit a tax return for yourself and all your dependents.

What can I do with my degree? Chemical Engineering

March 27, 2017 
Sally Hall


With a Chemical Engineering degree you can work at the cutting-edge of science whilst earning some of the highest salaries of all the engineering fields.


Your degree will open up a wide range of careers from research and development to managing the safety implications and environmental impact of certain activities.

These are the best small universities in the world

March 14, 2017 
James Thornhill

When it comes to universities size is not everything, small institutions have much to offer.


caltechTimes Higher Education has once again revealed the Best Small Universities in the world by asking students at some of those institutions exactly what they like about attending a small college.


The universities chosen had to feature in the in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2016-17, teach more than four subjects and have fewer than 5,000 students.

This is the best student city in the world

February 16, 2017 
James Thornhill

Downtown Montreal at DuskMontreal in, Quebec, Canada has been named as the best student city in the world for 2017.


Ranked on affordability, desirability and employer activity the Canadian city topped this year’s QS Best Student Cities 2017.

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