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Skills That Every Employee Wants You to Demonstrate

September 29, 2015 
Lucy Miller

Everyone knows that the first step to landing yourself a job in the field you desire is completing the relevant studies and getting hold of that precious qualification. But being academically skilled for a position is the minimum requirement for getting your foot in the door, so the question becomes: "What other skills are employers trying to determine you have?"


187633681Here are a few that employers across the globe are looking for from their entry-level applicants.


Leadership Qualities

This is a skill progressive companies in particular will be looking for. The traditional hierarchy of management is starting to dissolve amongst many new firms and is being replaced by something "flatter". In these companies, tasks are more often delegated and non-managerial personnel are given more responsibility to lead projects. While employers, particularly for an entry-level position, will not be looking for fully developed leadership skills as such, they will be looking for the ingredients of a leader (communication, confidence, time management, flexibility and commitment, to name a few).

IT Skills

If you are applying for a job in game design for example, then IT skills go unsaid, however with the ever-increasing dependence on tech in today’s world employers need to know that their staff have the skills and know-how to deal with all things digital.
You can be innovative about how you demonstrate your capabilities in this field by making your profile and C.V available online. Especially for those seeking work in creative fields, such as writing or graphic design, companies like 1&1 offer the chance to make your own site and demonstrate your artistic skills to prospective employers. Learning to use basic programmes such as Word and Excel are imperative abilities which are indispensable to any serious applicant’s skill list, regardless of the field of work. Universities often offer free courses in the library to students who wish to brush up on their IT talents, and it’s important to exploit these opportunities.


Employers need to know that they are employing someone with a drive to deliver the goods. Often, motivated people surpass the achievements of more talented, albeit less driven individuals. You can show that you’re a motivated individual in a whole manner of ways. There are lots of reasons to undertake an internship or voluntary work, not least because it shows that you’re serious about what you want to do.

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