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#YouAreWelcomeHere say US universities

January 24, 2017 
James Thornhill

US universities have rallied together to ensure international students that they are welcome in America following Donald Trump’s inauguration.


Let by Philadelphia’s Temple University, the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign aims to reassure international students who have expressed concerns following last year’s US election result.


This campaign was started by Jessica Sandberg, director of international admissions at Temple University.


Ms Sandberg told The Pie News: “I felt like it was important that US universities come together on this instead of competing, and send a unified message to let international students know that nothing has changed, that we welcome them, that university campuses are progressive, open-minded, friendly places, and that we truly value that here.”



The campaign has appeared in videos made by 19 US universities, with 30 institutions and related organizations sharing the message on social media.


The campaign hopes to lessen anxieties on issues such as safety, friendliness and discrimination on US university campuses.


The International English Center at the University of Colorado Boulder is among the US universities to produce a video, sending welcoming messages in English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.


Following the Brexit referendum result a similar campaign was launched by UK universities under the #WeAreInternational slogan bringing together 150 institutions, organisations and student unions.



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