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Universities in Malaysia and study in Malaysia - International Student Country Guide

Find universities in Malaysia and study in Malaysia, our guide for international students to study abroad. Malaysia is a country that is investing heavily in its higher education sector in a bid to attract more international student to this beautiful country. Popular with students from the neighbouring countries and the Middle East, higher education in Malaysia tends to focus on the country's excellent IT and technology courses. Study a degree in Malaysia

How can you study a degree in Malaysia?

Universities in Malaysia are split into government-funded public institutions and private institutions reliant on outside funding.
Public universities offering undergraduate degrees include all public colleges, polytechnics and universities. Private institutions vary from university-status private universities and foreign institutions with campuses in Malaysia to lower level colleges and higher education providers.

Many undergraduate degrees in Malaysia are taught in English so as to provide students with an international education, but it is worth checking the language requirements of any course before signing up.

Tuition fees

Average annual tuition fee costs to study a degree in Malaysia are around RM17,000 (£3,500) a year.  

Immigration and visas

Malaysia has strict laws on visas and immigration, so it is vital that you do your research and get the correct student visa for your undergraduate degree before coming to study in Malaysia.

To study in Malaysia you must obtain a student pass. To gain one of these you will need to have a firm offer from a university as well as the necessary entry visa. Contact your chosen university and department before applying for your visa, as they will be able to advise you on the process and help you get the documents you require.

Accommodation and living costs

Accommodation costs in Malaysia vary depending on where you want to live and the standard of accommodation you choose. It is generally more expensive to live in Kuala Lumpur than elsewhere. 

There are two main types of accommodation while studying:

  • University accommodation – such as halls of residence, which are normally on campus
  • Private accommodation – house and flat rental
Living costs/rent: Malaysia has a relatively cheap cost of living compared to other countries in Asia. While your actual cost of living will depend on where you choose to live and the lifestyle you want, in general Malaysia is a cheap country.

Kuala Lumpur is likely to be one of the more expensive cities to live in in Malaysia, but even this city is ranked as one of the least expensive cities in the world.

For Parents

How safe is Malaysia?

Malaysia is a safe country for international students to study in. Petty theft can be problem in major tourist centres and beach resorts, but in general, violent crime against students and foreigners is rare.

One issue international students should be aware of is the likelihood of credit card theft. Keep your card in sight while using it and be careful with your wallet or purse.

Malaysia is an Islamic country, so it’s important to be aware that homosexuality is illegal. There are severe penalties for drug possession.

Students should always take care to protect their own personal safety in order to avoid becoming victims of crime. They can do this by:
  • Avoiding carrying around large amounts of money
  • Staying in groups, especially at night, and never walking alone
  • Not making valuables obvious
  • Always having a route home planned and never getting into unlicensed taxis
  • Being wary of strangers
  • Being careful of traffic

Staying in touch

Staying in touch when your child is studying on the other side of the world might seem daunting – but there are ways you can talk regularly that don’t have to involve long distance phone calls and a nasty bill at the end of the month. Here are a few tips if your child opts to study an undergraduate degree in Malaysia:

  • Skype – the free video calling service can be downloaded within seconds, and will allow you to talk face to face anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Blogging – maybe encourage your child to keep a blog of their adventures overseas, so that other families members (such as grandparents) can keep up to date
  • Local sim cards – it is also a good idea for your child to buy a phone with a local pay as you go sim card when they arrive so that they can text and call home without running up a bill

What to do next

If you really want to study overseas but you’re not certain with regards to where, read our country guide here. Alternatively, if you would like more information about studying a degree in Malaysia, sign up for our Free Application Service and we'll get back in touch with you promptly.