Advice on Immigration & Visa in Australia
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Immigration & Visa in Australia

Advice on Immigration & Visa in Australia, where you can make sure you get the right documents to make a successful application to your ideal university.

In the past student visas to study in Australia were categorised in different types based on the type of study program. Now the process has been simplified so that all international students can apply for the same visa – the Student Visa (Subclass 500).

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) grants visas to students who meet the following conditions:

Assessment Level – You will need to identify your assessment level (AL) before proceeding with your application. Your AL is measured according to the course you want to study and your country of origin, with the result determining the specific requirements you will have to meet to be granted a visa.

Course Acceptance - You must already have been accepted to study an undergraduate degree in Australia.

English Language Proficiency – All students are required to prove that they have the appropriate English language skills for their course. Students with a low Assessment Level score will only have to meet the conditions set by their university, but other applicants must prove evidence of their proficiency.

Financial Requirements – You must prove that you will be able pay travel, tuition and living expenses for the duration of your time in the country. If you have any dependents, you will also be required to prove that you can cover their living costs – even if they are not travelling with you to Australia.

Healthcare- Unless you are from Belgium or Norway, you will be obliged to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The cost of OSHC will vary according to the type of cover needed, but the minimum cover will cost AUD$437 on average.

Criminal Record Checks – Prospective students will be assessed against the DIPD’s character requirements. To satisfy their requirements, you will need to prove that you do not have a substantial criminal record and will not pose a threat to the Australian public.

You’ll have to apply for your Australian visa online. You can use the Document Checklist Tool on the website. All documents should be translated into English.

The student visa allows for study at Australian universities, as well as the freedom to work for 20 hours a week during term time and full time during course breaks. It also provides access to:

• Subsidised student health cover in Australia.
• Possibilities to study in Australia for longer than first planned.