Tuition Fees in Denmark
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Tuition Fees in Denmark

Explore tuition fees in Denmark for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Tuition fees in Denmark are free for all EU students, and for those participating in exchange programmes.

Non-EU students will pay fees between €6,000 and €16,000. The best course of action is to check individually the cost of the courses that you are applying to.

Now you know the cost of studying in Denmark you will be looking at how to fund your studies.

The most common sources of funding for international students in Denmark are:

Scholarships and grants

There are numerous scholarships available for international students who want to study in Denmark, usually in the form of agreements between Danish universities and those in other countries. Scholarships include the Danish Innovation Scholarship, Nordplus, and the Top Talent programme for Chinese and Brazilian students.

American students wishing to study in Denmark may be able to apply for a Fulbright scholarship through the Denmark-American Foundation.

The Danish government

Cultural agreements between Denmark and countries including Russia, China, Japan, Israel and Egypt mean that some scholarships are available to students from these countries who want to study in these countries. You can learn more about the scholarships here.

The Danish government also provides a number of scholarships for highly-achieving non-EU students.

International student loans

Some countries have student loan programs available to citizens of that country to help studying abroad, for example India, but do often have limitations.

Your own country

You might be able to find study abroad funding from local government or companies based in your home country. A good way to find out is to contact your local government office or find their website and see what they recommend.

Also, research large companies in your home country that might offer study funding assistance and contact them about opportunities. However, it is worth considering that they may require you to return home after your studies to work for them.

Danish universities/schools

Danish colleges and universities may offer financial aid to international students in some cases. Your best option it to contact them directly or look for information on their website.

You should request details of the financial aid on offer when requesting an application form from that institution’s admissions office. It may be possible to participate in a formal exchange between an institution in your home country and one in Denmark.