Tuition Fees in Germany
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Tuition Fees in Germany

Explore tuition fees in Germany for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees at public universities, however some states do charge small amounts for administration – you should check with your individual university.

Students may be required to pay a small fee per semester to cover administration, student support and other costs. These are usually no more than €250.

Now you know the costs of studying in Germany you will be looking at how to fund your studies.

Here are some sources of funding you can access:

DAAD scholarship database

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship database lists opportunities not just offered by themselves, but also by various other funding organisations. You can search for specific scholarships that fir your requirements.

Funding for musicians and artists

Various opportunities exist for students studying music or art in Germany, in order to promote free artistic development. Information on opportunities can be found on the DAAD site.

Your own country

You might be able to find study abroad funding from local government or companies based in your home country. A good way to find out is to contact your local government office or find their website and see what they recommend.

Also, research large companies in your home country that might offer study funding assistance and contact them about opportunities. However, it is worth considering that they may require you to return home after your studies to work for them.

Student loans

Some countries have student loan programmes available to citizens of that country to help studying abroad, for example India, but do often have limitations.

International scholarships

Independent companies or organisations might offer scholarships, and these will be entirely separate from individual universities. Various scholarship portals and internet sites will list these opportunities.

Commercial companies, party-affiliated foundations and religious organisations

These organisations may offer scholarships or grants to individual international students, depending on the degrees studied.

The German government

BAföG, which is state funding for students and in some cases may include a loan of 300 Euros per month, is only awarded to international students if they fulfil the following criteria:

• one parent has German citizenship
• they have or have had a German spouse
• they are a legitimate asylum seeker, stateless or a refugee
• one parent was legally employed in Germany for three years within six years of the beginning of studies, or
• they were legally employed in Germany for five years before the beginning of studies