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Study in Lithuania, and find the best universities in Lithuania.

Sat at the crossroads between west and east Europe Lithuania is a unique, historic country with an innovative view towards the future.

As a member of the European Union it is a country that has all the values of modern Europe and is amongst one of the most multi-lingual and educated regions in the region.

One of the southernmost Balkan states Lithuania is becoming known as one of the hidden gems of Europe for its sheer beauty including its stunning coastline.

The capital Vilnius brings a vibrant modern culture to its historic courtyards and cobbled streets. With some of the fastest internet speeds on Europe Lithuania truly is a forward-thinking country steeped in history.

Around 20,000 international students chose to study in Lithuania each year.
Types of Degrees
Find information on studying an undergraduate degree in Lithuania including types of qualification, your study options and how to apply for the program of your choice.
Tuition Fees & Financial Aid
What is the cost of studying in Lithuania and what financial support is available for international students? Find information on tuition fees, scholarships, bursaries and other types of available financial support.
Immigration & Visas
Want to study in the Lithuania? You’ll need to make sure you meet all the entry requirements. Learn all about visas for the Lithuania and how you can apply for them.
Accommodation & Living
There’s more to your life in the Lithuania than just study. Find out about where you can live and how much your life will cost on your study adventure in the Lithuania.
Advice For Parents
Essential information and advice for parents to help keep their child safe and in contact while they study in Lithuania.
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