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Advice For Parents

Advice For Parents whose children may be looking to study in The United Arab Emirates. You can find complete information on costs, safety, security and tips on keeping in touch during their time away.

How safe is the UAE?

The UAE is an extremely safe society, where crime is treated very harshly. For such a highly industrialised nation, the UAE has relatively little crime. The crime international students are most likely to suffer is low-level theft or pickpocketing.

However, it is worth noting that the UAE is an Islamic country and students going to study there need to be aware of cultural and legal rules that they might not see in their home countries. You should be aware that the UAE has a zero tolerance approach to drugs, with even minute amounts punishable by a minimum of four years in prison.

Students should always take precautions to make sure they stay safe. They should take care to:

• Avoid walking alone at night
• Always carry a charged phone
• Avoid potentially quiet/ dark shortcuts
• Avoid carrying a lot of cash
• Let friends know where they are going
• Always keep a close eye on personal belongings whilst out
• Never accept things from strangers – whether this is a lift home or a drink

Staying in touch

Staying in touch when your child is studying on the other side of the world might seem daunting – but there are ways you can talk regularly that don’t have to involve long distance phone calls and a nasty bill at the end of the month. Here are a few tips:

• Skype – the free video calling service can be downloaded within seconds, and will allow you to talk face to face anywhere you have an internet connection

• Blogging – maybe encourage your child to keep a blog of their adventures overseas, so that other families members (such as grandparents) can keep up to date

• Local sim cards – it is also a good idea for your child to buy a phone with a local pay as you go sim card when they arrive so that they can text and call home without running up a bill