Tuition Fees in Brazil
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Tuition Fees in Brazil

Explore tuition fees in Brazil for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Tuition fee costs for international students in Brazil vary from university to university, but you should expect to pay around $2,000 to over $10,000 per year if you attend a private institution.

The Brazilian government has established free education up to postgraduate level and so most public universities do not charge tuition fees, so you’ll only have to pay a registration fee.

Public universities are viewed as offering the best education in Brazil.

Now that you know the rough costs of studying a degree in Brazil you might be wondering who to fund your studies.

These are the most means of financial aid for international students in Brazil:


There are several scholarship options available for international students in Brazil. You should contact the Brazilian embassy in your home country for more information. Your university should also be able to advise on whether they have scholarships available that you could apply for.

Your own country

You might be able to find study abroad funding from local government or companies based in your home country. A good way to find out is to contact your local government office or find their website and see what they recommend.

Also, research large companies in your home country that might offer study funding assistance and contact them about opportunities. However, it is worth considering that they may require you to return home after your studies to work for them.

Student loans

International students in Brazil are entitled to all the same loans that Brazilian students are. You should speak to your university about what you’re entitled to.