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Study In Ecuador - International Students

Study in Ecuador, and find the best universities in Ecuador.

Ecuador – international student study guide

This study guide will give you all the information you need to find universities and study in Ecuador

When you think of Ecuador, you might immediately think of turtles floating in the shallows of the Galapagos Islands – and you’d be right; the country is a tropical paradise.

But did you know that it also stretches as far as the Andes, and the Amazon? Or that its capital city, Quito, was the first in the world to be granted UNESCO World Heritage status? Or that lakes, beaches, mountains and jungles are only a stone’s throw away?

Ecuador is moving forward in an increasingly globalised world, and offers almost unrivalled opportunities for students with a sense of adventure.

With some of the oldest universities in the whole of Latin America found in the country (Quito has universities dating from the 17th Century), students will find history in abundance – contrasting excitingly with Ecuador’s specialisms in technology, science and maths.
Types of Degrees
Find information on studying an undergraduate degree in Ecuador including types of qualification, your study options and how to apply for the program of your choice.
Tuition Fees & Financial Aid
What is the cost of studying in Ecuador and what financial support is available for international students? Find information on tuition fees, scholarships, bursaries and other types of available financial support.
Immigration & Visas
Want to study in Ecuador? You’ll need to make sure you meet all the entry requirements. Learn all about visas for Ecuador and how you can apply for them.
Accommodation & Living
There’s more to your life in Ecuador than just study. Find out about where you can live and how much your life will cost on your study adventure in Ecuador.
Advice For Parents
Essential information and advice for parents to help keep their child safe and in contact while they study in Ecuador.
What To Do Next
Find out how to take the stress out of applying for studying in Ecuador and find the right undergraduate degree for you.
View Universities
Here you can find all the universities in Ecuador