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Why should you study a teaching and education degree abroad?

The life of a teacher is often misunderstood. Working with children, long summer holidays and a shorter day – what’s not to like? In reality, teachers work long hours under intense pressure. Choosing to study a teaching and education degree abroad is a tough course that will introduce you to this pressure.

Teaching degrees vary around the world depending on each country’s education system and training method, but most teaching and education degrees aim to provide talented graduates with the teaching skills they will need to control a classroom and deliver lessons.

As such, most teaching and education degrees focus on in class learning. Expect to divide your time equally between lectures and theory and hands on teaching and shadowing of teachers. You should also expect to learn about the national curriculum of your chosen country.

Expect to specialise in one of the following:

  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Education studies
  • Special education

How can you benefit from studying a teaching and education degree abroad?

Getting on to study a teaching and education degree abroad will normally require previous knowledge and qualifications in the subject you want to teach in addition to some experience of working with children.

Many degrees will also require you to pass a governmental criminal check to ensure you are suitable to work with young people.

Why types of jobs can I do with this degree?

Studying a teaching and education degree abroad unsurprisingly leads most students to a career in education, whether that is teaching or administration. Most courses are extremely intensive, with students entering schools very early on. After a period as a teacher, many graduates go on to become heads of department and possibly even head teachers.

Some of the jobs included in this field are:

  • Secondary school teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Head teacher
  • Special educational needs teacher
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