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Jacobs University international student admissions & applications
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About Jacobs University
Located in northern Germany, Jacobs University is one of the country’s most international universities, characterized by a truly intercultural and close-knit community of students and faculty. Founded in 2001 as a private English-speaking university, Jacobs attracts highly talented and open-minded students from all over the world, with more than 1,200 students from 100 countries currently living on its residential campus.
  • Earn an internationally recognized degree at one of Germany’s top private English-speaking universities
  • Choose from study programs in a broad range of in-demand fields
  • Engage in transdisciplinary research from the very first semester and throughout your studies
  • Benefit from small class sizes and close interaction with faculty members and fellow students
  • Experience campus life together with 1,200 students from 100 countries
The university’s reputation speaks for itself, with consistently high rankings achieved in Germany’s widely respected Centre for Higher Education (CHE) over the last decade.

A transdisciplinary approach is one of the core elements of a Jacobs University education. Study modules cover various aspects of academic fields, reflecting the complex nature of interconnected topics and global challenges. Students are introduced to numerous methodologies and are encouraged to apply a problem-based approach and a global perspective to their work. Instructors support student learning by sharing the latest findings in their academic fields and by responding to students’ particular needs through personalized academic advising. The university’s research- oriented approach engages students in the research process at an early stage while providing them access to modern lab facilities and state-of-the-art technology.
Campus Life at Jacobs University
Campus Life
Jacobs University unites living and learning, enabling students to discover and explore their talents beyond the classroom. There are various student-driven social and cultural clubs on campus, providing an abundance of activities and events for students to choose from. Academic life is further enhanced by various campus facilities including a fitness center, an indoor rowing tank, an interfaith house, and a theater space.

There are four separate residence halls consisting of two-bedroom apartments with shared bathroom facilities. Each residence hall has its own personality and sense of community, which nurtures close connections and camaraderie among students.

Host Family Program at Jacobs UniversityJacobs University’s Host Family Program also helps international students feel at home. Every new student has the opportunity to sign up for this unique program and be paired with a host family who provides support in adapting to the culture and life in Bremen.

The campus at Jacobs University