KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology International student Admissions  & Application
KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology international student admissions & applications
KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is a leading university in the design sector, and one of the biggest business schools in Denmark. We offer applied degrees in subjects across the sector, preparing our students for exciting and well-established careers in fields within design and technology.

We are located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark - a city known worldwide for its high quality of life and forward-thinking attitude. Denmark has one of the best Higher Education systems in the world, and is also a hugely popular destination for graduates from across the world.
Life at KEA
KEA is a relaxed and informal university, where students often work together in small groups and lecturers are addressed by their first names. Students are expected to take full responsibility for their own studies.

Lessons are scheduled and students are part of a specific semester class. Students often work in project groups of 3 to 5 people. As a student at KEA you will not always be told exactly what to do - teachers provide knowledge, guidance and counseling, but you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning and the common results of your group.

Social activities include basketball, football and the running club, and at the weekend students enjoy socialising in the beautiful centre of Copenhagen, where our eight campuses are based. Our main campus, KEA Guldbergsgade, is found in the Nørrebro district.

We have eight campuses in total, spread throughout this exciting and international city, with the result, that each department is greatly influenced by the community it is a part of. Taking a tour of KEA's campus is a good way to experience the diversity of the city.
Studying in Denmark
Higher Education in Denmark is different to that in many European countries, with two study options available at university level:
  • Academy Professional (AP) Degree, lasting 2 - 2.5 years
  • Bachelor top-up (BA), last 1.5 years
  • Bachelor degree (BA), lasting 3.5 years
An Academy Profession (AP) programme consists of four/five semesters which add up to 120-150 ECTS points. 

Bachelor top-up programmes allow those with an AP qualification or similar to upgrade to a full bachelors degree. They consist of three semesters which add up to 90 ECTS points.
A regular bachelors degree is worth the same as an AP programme and bachelors top-up combined.
Our programmes
All programmes offered at KEA are built with the needs of industry in mind, and our strong links with various businesses mean our students learn the skills they need during their degree. This means that our graduates are well prepared for the demands of a dynamic, globalised labour market. All of our programmes have mandatory internships of at least 3 months, in Denmark or abroad.

AP programmes offered in English at KEA include:
  • AP in Computer Science
  • AP in Design, Technology and Business
  • AP in IT Technology
  • AP in Multimedia Design and communication
  • AP in Production Technology
You can then complete a bachelor top-up (again in English) in one of the following areas:
  • Digital Concept Development
  • Design & Business
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Product Development and Integrative Technology
Regular bachelors degrees at KEA, taught in English, include:
  • Business, Economics & IT
  • Jewellery, Technology & Business
  • Architectural Technology & Construction Management
International students at KEA
KEA is a well-established, global institution – which means many exchanges both to and from KEA by both students and teachers. This international community means our students leave prepared for an exciting and international working life.

The international student community at KEA is vibrant, with 1200 international students from 74 nationalities.
We also provide 13 programmes that are fully taught in English.
If English isn’t your native language, you will need to take a language test as part of our admission process.

Students can also benefit from a voluntary “buddy” system, which will see them receive support from an existing student at the university – something that can be invaluable in the first weeks of the year, and can make the transition into university a welcoming one.
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