Nyenrode Business Universiteit International student Admissions  & Application
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode Business Universiteit international student admissions & applications
Nyenrode Business Universiteit
About Nyenrode
The Nyenrode Business Universiteit campusNyenrode was founded in 1946 by a group of business visionaries. Their ambition was to reestablish the Dutch economy after World War II. This act of leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship is now the Nyenrode ethos; BSc students are taught how to continue this legacy and implement it in their future careers.

“For business by business” has always been one of Nyenrode’s defining factors. Practical relevance is at the forefront of all our activities. Nyenrode’s educational purpose reaches beyond the transfer and creation of knowledge, by also emphasizing the need to build ones character and focus on attitude and personal skills.

Situated on a 13th century estate, Nyenrode has a unique atmosphere to work and study. The Nijenrode estate is dominated by the thirteenth-century castle estate. Situated in a park-like estate and surrounded by a moat, the castle is a true eye-catcher. The Nijenrode estate is known for its beautiful landscape architecture. Since 2001, the estate has enjoyed the protection provided by the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act.
BSc Business Administration: In a nutshell
  • 3-year academic on-campus program
  • Focus on Personal Leadership Development
  • Sports integrated in the program (mandatory)
  • Active student association with over 30 committees where students can put in practice their acquired management skills.
  • Living on-campus together with peers on an intimate setting
  • International exposure through Exchange program on year 3
  • Best Bachelor in the Netherlands (Our students rated our BSc in Business Administration program with a 4,7 out of 5 in terms of student satisfaction, making it the highest ranked Academic Bachelor program in Business & Economics in the Netherlands in 2017 (Nationale Studenten Enquête - Studiekeuze 123)
  • Apply the acquired knowledge in activities such as the Company Project, the Fundraising Project and many more opportunities to get in contact with real business
Students at Nyenrode Business Universiteit