Universidad Ecotec - Study Abroad International student Admissions  & Application
Universidad Ecotec - Study Abroad

Universidad Ecotec - Study Abroad

Universidad Ecotec - Study Abroad international student admissions & applications
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Designed for students wishing to have a deep learning and intercultural experience in Ecuador. It is more than simply taking classes in another part of the world.

Each semester program begins with a 6-day Orientation Tour, and the summer programs with a 4-day Orientation Tour, both starting in Quito. These include travel to natural, historic, and cultural destinations around Ecuador. We aim to aid students' cultural adjustment and understanding of the new environment they find themselves in.


During the semester-long programs, international students are permitted to take a maximum of 5 classes. These can be made up in any one of the following ways – Spanish language classes at various levels, studies in Spanish through any of our 5 schools, courses taught in English, Service Learning, and volunteering opportunities– but a combination of some or all is usual.

Universidad ECOTEC has the following schools:
  • Business and Economics
  • Computer Engineering & Telecommunications
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Law and Government
During the summer programs, international students enroll in intensive Spanish courses offered at all levels. In addition, students are placed according to their skill set and Spanish language level in a variety of agencies that work at addressing social needs in Guayaquil; such as health and nutrition, education, homelessness, immigration, environmental protection, house-building for families in need, among others.

Both, our semester and summer programs, seek to offer students an enriching cultural immersion. This is why we encourage participants to live with an Ecuadorian homestay family, and organize cultural activities and fieldtrips for students. These elements contribute to the kind of experiential learning we aim to offer, which is both enriching and great fun.


Semester I: January – April
Semester II: May – August
Semester III: September – December

Serve & Learn with Ecotec Summer Program I: June (4 weeks)
Serve & Learn with Ecotec Summer Program II: July (4 weeks)


Semester-long Program (14/16 weeks):
$6,990, up to 15 credits

6-day orientation tour
Homestay with Ecuadorian family
Cultural/Outdoor Activities in Guayaquil
Airport transfers
Up to 15 credits
Academic transcript

Serve & Learn with Ecotec Summer Program (4 weeks):
$2,800 Spanish Courses & Volunteering, 3 credits
$3,000 Spanish Courses & Service-learning, 6 credits

4-day orientation tour
Homestay with Ecuadorian family
Cultural/Outdoor Activities in Guayaquil
Airport transfers
Up to 6 credits
Academic transcript
Why Choose Ecotec:
  • Friendly, experienced, bilingual staff available 24 hours for students
  • Ecuadorian host family accommodation
  • Extensive travel and fieldtrips
  • Opportunity to serve in the community

There is more to Ecuador than just the equator, it is ranked among the 17 most bio-diverse countries in the world.

Ecuador has 4 diverse and unique regions:

1. The Amazon Rainforest
2. Coastal Region
3. The Andes
4. The Galapagos Islands

With only 283,560 km2 of territory, Ecuador has the most bio-diversity per square kilometer in the world!

Besides its exuberant bio-diversity, Ecuador is home to a variety of ethnic groups, including communities that still preserve their non-western values such as the the Caranqui, the Otavaleños, the Cayambi, the Pichincha, the Panzaleo, the Chimbuelo, the Salasacan, the Tungurahua, the Tugua, the Waranka, the Puruhá, the Cañari, and the Saraguro in the Andes; the Awá, Chachi, and the Tsáchila on the Coast; and the Canelo, the Quijos, the Shuar, the Huaorani, the Siona–Secoya, the Cofán, and the Achuar in the Amazon Rainforest. Visits to some of these are included in the orientation tour.


Guayaquil offers some great attractions that are worth seeing: Las Peñas neighborhood, where the city began, is located on Mount Santa Ana by the Guayas River. It is the only area with historic wooden houses where you can get an impression of the old picturesque colonial Guayaquil. Walking along the riverfront, Malecón 2000, and checking its various attractions and restaurants is a most.

The colonial churches as La Merced or San Francisco, the beautiful cementery below Cerro el Carmen, the various museums; botanical gardens and parks, including Parque Seminario (also known as the Iguana Park) are also definitely worth a visit.

Because if its location on the equator, weather is never an issue. Guayaquil has warm temperatures all year-round!


Universidad Ecotec has a firm commitment to providing the best international education with the best facilities and academic staff, combined with a unique experience of the best of what Ecuador has to offer.
Universidad ECOTEC
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