Kris Cottrell Academy International student Admissions  & Application
Kris Cottrell Academy

Kris Cottrell Academy

Kris Cottrell Academy international student admissions & applications


The Kris Cottrell Entrepreneurship Academy is the place hundreds of students have found a way to:

  • Make money while attending school no matter what country you're from or what country your college is in.
  • Learn how easy it is to own and operate your own international business
  • Overcome the challenge all international students face of getting a job in a foreign country while attending University.
  • Learn internet marketing skills, sales skills, contracts, art of negotiations, finance and much more!
  • Be taught from a successful serial entrepreneur like Kris and other successful members of his team.

Get started now to see if you qualify for this unique opportunity!


The Kris Cottrell Entrepreneurship Academy is an amazing new opportunity for college students all over the globe to get hands on experience owning and operating their own business. This can be done while attending the school of their choice. It doesn't matter what nationality the student is from nor the country the college is in.
These 10 quick easy modules will teach a student how to start their own business, learn the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, learn about international opportunities in business, learn how to make and build relationships of trust and how to build and manage a book of business.
This is real life hands on experience making this opportunity much better than an internship or externship. Companies looking to hire students love what Kris has created. This is real training from a real entrepreneur. You will also learn what NOT to do so you won't make mistakes in your future careers.
Many countries have strict regulations about students taking jobs in their countries while going to school. It is most likely you won't be able to work no matter the school you choose. So without Kris Cottrell Academy showing you how to make money from your dorm room you would have many hours of wasted time and college becomes much more expensive. Now you can earn money and build your own future with only a computer and a phone!
Get started now, by simply filling out your information and visiting with one of our representatives to ensure you are qualified to join our entrepreneur academy team. If you qualify and have committed yourself to success you will be required to go through each training module, learn how to use the opportunity software and join us for ongoing support webinars.


What you will learn
Complete 10 KCA modules to become an Entrepreneur.

  • Outsourcing
  • Profit Blueprint
  • Outsourcing Work
  • Hiring Employees
  • Pricing Margins
  • Contracts
  • Reporting and Communication
  • 3 Tiers of Success
  • Ramping up a Campaign
  • Outsourcing Examples