The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) International student Admissions  & Application
The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) international student admissions & applications
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American University in Bulgaria
In September 1991, the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) opened its doors with a first-year class of 208 students and 16 full-time faculty members. The first American-style, undergraduate liberal arts educational institution in Eastern Europe, AUBG is a unique cooperative venture established with the support of the U.S. and Bulgarian governments.
1. High Quality Education
The rigorous liberal arts system at AUBG will teach you how to think, not what to think! Be prepared for a world-class education in problem-solving, critical thinking and innovation. At AUBG, you're in control. If you don't want to specialize too soon, you can wait until the second year to choose your major (and even pick two majors.) You'll have the freedom create a curriculum to challenge yourself with our exciting choice of minors. You will receive  individual attention and close personal mentorship from professors to make sure you're inspired every single day!
High Quality Education at AUBG
2.Top Faculty
AUBG faculty come from the world's top schools (Harvard, Princeton and more) on five continents. In their capable, experienced hands, you'll receive a world-class American education with a rich flavor of innovation. Be prepared to include field trips, case studies, group projects, and presentations in your schedule! Modern employers want graduates who can think on their feet; at AUBG you'll learn to apply your knowledge to real-world problems fast and in a relevant and practical way.
AUBG faculty come from the world's top schools
A Liberal Arts degree from AUBG is a passport to the world! You'll graduate with an internationally recognized diploma (dual accreditation in the USA and Bulgaria with European supplement).AUBG was ranked the best universityin Economics, Journalism and Mass Communications and Business Administration, with the highest-earning graduates in the country.*
A Liberal Arts degree from AUBG is a passport to the world
4. Scholarships
At AUBG, we want you to reach your full potential, no matter what your background. Most of our students receive some financial aid (10-30%), combined with partial scholarships, it helps cover most of the university expenses and fees, while many manage to recieve a full scholarship. With strong academic background you have a great chance to not pay a cent for tuition.
American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) Scholarships
5.You'll feel at home here
Take a virtual tour of American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) You'll never be bored at AUBG! Our diverse student population enjoys theater, music, sports, inspiring guest lectures - all on the premises of the modern state-of-the-art campus to suit all preferences - from student housing to the library, sports and cultural facilities There are floor parties, charity events and every kind of extracurricular, from business to pleasure, Described by the Rough Guide as the coolest place in southwest Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad is a sunny, affordable and easy-to-reach town. Every 5th resident is a student here!
You'll never be bored at AUBG
6.Study Abroad
If you want to explore the world, AUBG is a perfect choice. Apart from being an uber-international place, AUBG offers its students multiple opportunities to take part in exchange programs choosing from over 100 universities in more than 10 countries. Not only do we actively encourage our students to go on exchange, but also provide financial help for those who need it via our travel fund.
Study abroad with AUBG
AUBG alumni have a great reputation for academic excellence, they are natural leaders and smart team players.That's why so many of them get top jobs at international companies around the globe.  Many go on to the best graduate schools of the world. Funds are available for graduate scholarships too*. Once you leave AUBG, you do not really leave, but join an even bigger community of AUBG alumni which is a supportive, connected and global network. You can always rely on fellow alumni for career support or a place to stay when you travel the world.

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AUBG alumni have a great reputation for academic excellence.