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Study In Vienna - Explore Universities in Vienna

Study in Vienna, and find the best universities in Vienna.

Vienna has culture, history and beauty – and some great universities offering international students some excellent courses.

Choosing to study a degree in Vienna will appeal to students with a sense of history. Vienna is full of opera houses, Alpine beauty and historical significance, making it a great place to study history or anthropology.

However, it also has contemporary culture too, with lively bars, winter sports and festivals. Its universities are particularly popular with German speakers, but also with international students from around the globe.

Study in Vienna?

Vienna is the centre of education in Austria and is home to the best and most universities in the country. Although Austria has a relatively complicated higher education system, most universities are happy to welcome international students from around the world.

Some of the universities where you can study a degree in Vienna include:

  • University of Vienna
  • Vienna University of Technology
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Webster University Vienna

Most degrees in Austria will be taught in German, so you may be required to prove your language skills before you are accepted onto a course. However, an increasing number of courses are now offering degrees taught in English (at least partially) as a way of attracting more international students.

Immigration and visas

If you are from an EU country, you will be able to study a degree in Vienna without needing a visa providing you can fulfil the following criteria:

  • You have a valid passport
  • You are studying for more than three months at the institution
  • You have sufficient income to support themselves during their studies
  • You have comprehensive health insurance

Non-EU students will need to check the relevant details for studying in Austria with their own country, but will almost certainly need to get a study visa.

Accommodation and living costs

Most international students coming to study a degree in Vienna will choose to live in housing providing by their university. This allows you to settle into university life more easily, meet fellow students and get the support you’ll need when moving country.

However, other options do exist. You could live in a homestay with an Austrian family, which will improve your German language and knowledge of the local culture.

You could also opt for private accommodation and live by yourself or with friends. However, this is much harder to organise from outside of Austria and may cost you more. Some of the popular areas students opt to live in include:

  • Josefstadt (8th district)
  • Mariahilf (6th district)
  • Leopoldstadt (2nd district)

What to do next

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