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Study In Czech Republic - International Students

Study in Czech Republic, and find the best universities in Czech Republic.

This study guide will give you all the information you need to find universities and study in the Czech Republic.

Known as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and as a relatively young nation (it emerged from Czechoslovakia in 1993) is in the middle of rapid development.

The Czech Republic also is a great place to be a student. Capital Prague is one of Europe’s most popular educational destinations, and the country offers affordable undergraduate degrees and a low cost of living with a high quality of life.

Currently 39,000 foreign students study in the country and in 2014 it was the 12th most popular destination for Erasmus students.

If you want to study a degree in the Czech Republic you will most likely study in Prague, which is home to the best universities in the country.

Bachelor Degree In Czech Republic

Find the right Bachelor Degree in Czech Republic with our comprehensive guide.

Universities in the Czech Republic

Higher education in the Czech Republic consists of three different kinds of institution:

• Public universities
• State universities
• Private universities

Of the 70 universities in the Czech Republic two-thirds are private, and so are the most common place to study.

As the country develops so does its higher education institutions with several universities ranking highly in the EECA rankings from QS, which highlights top universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.

At fourth in those rankings Charles University is a top developing school. It was first established in 1348 and is still the largest university in the Czech Republic with over 51,400 students. It currently has international partnerships with over 200 universities worldwide.

In seventh place the Czech Technical University is another old and large university. It has over 100 degree programs with most of them being in engineering related fields.

Masaryk University is the country’s largest public university and a member of the Compostela Group of Universities and the Utrecht Network. It is an obvious choice for many international students as it has courses taught in German and English.

Most international students studying a degree in the Czech Republic will opt to study at private institutions with charge tuition fees, unlike most public universities. However, this is only the case if you choose to study a degree in the Czech language – undergraduate degrees taught in English will charge tuition fees.

Tuition Fees in Czech Republic

Explore tuition fees in Czech Republic for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Like much of the rest of Europe, bachelors degree in the Czech Republic last either three of four years.

You can study for an undergraduate degree in the Czech Republic in a variety of subjects.

Bachelor’s degrees come in two distinct areas:

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts

After completing their undergraduate or bachelors qualifications, students must decide whether they want to continue their education with a masters (MA or MSc) degree.

There are a large number of undergraduate degree courses in the Czech Republic that are taught in English.

Immigration & Visa in Czech Republic

Advice on Immigration & Visa in Czech Republic, where you can make sure you get the right documents to make a successful application to your ideal university.

EU citizens are permitted to take a degree in the Czech Republic without a visa providing they can demonstrate the following:

• You are studying for more than three months
• You have sufficient income or savings to support yourself during your studies
• You are enrolled at an approved or accredited institution
• You have comprehensive health insurance

Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa through the Czech embassy in their home countries.

You should check with the embassy for more details, but the processing time is normally around three to four months.

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Czech Republic

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Czech Republic.

International students coming to study an undergraduate degree in the Czech Republic generally live in one of two types of accommodation:

• University accommodation – such as halls of residence
• Private accommodation – House and flat rentals

University accommodation is most students’ preferred option, as it will allow you to meet fellow students and settle into student life in the Czech Republic more easily. It is also often cheaper, as many halls will also provide you with food and study areas.

Renting a private flat in the Czech Republic may appeal to students with families, or those who want a little more privacy.

The Czech Republic offers good value for money when it comes to living costs. Food, transport and going out is all cheaper in the Czech Republic than other European countries, with costs even cheaper if you study outside of Prague.

Advice For Parents

Advice For Parents whose children may be looking to study in Czech Republic. You can find complete information on costs, safety, security and tips on keeping in touch during their time away.

How safe is the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is in general a safe destination for international students to travel to, with low crime against students. The most likely crime you will encounter is low level theft such as pickpocketing and bike theft.

Students should always take care to protect their own personal safety in order to avoid becoming victims of crime. They can do this by:

• Avoiding carrying around large amounts of money
• Staying in groups, especially at night, and never walking alone
• Not making valuables obvious
• Always having a route home planned and never getting into unlicensed taxis
• Being wary of strangers
• Being careful of traffic

Staying in touch

Staying in touch when your child is studying on the other side of the world might seem daunting – but there are ways you can talk regularly that don’t have to involve long distance phone calls and a nasty bill at the end of the month.

Here are a few tips if your child opts to study an undergraduate degree in the Czech Republic:

• Skype – the free video calling service can be downloaded within seconds, and will allow you to talk face to face anywhere you have an internet connection

• Blogging – maybe encourage your child to keep a blog of their adventures overseas, so that other families members (such as grandparents) can keep up to date

• Local sim cards – it is also a good idea for your child to buy a phone with a local pay as you go sim card when they arrive so that they can text and call home without running up a bill

Apply to Study in Czech Republic

Apply to Study in Czech Republic and get free online and telephone support with your application. The advice here will help you find the right bachelors at the right university in Czech Republic.

If you would like to study overseas but are not certain as to where is the best fit in terms of country, course and funding you can register for free with the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) where a dedicated admissions team will be able to help you every step of the way.

You can find out about studying in other countries with our country guides.

Cities in Czech Republic