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Study In Dresden - Explore Universities in Dresden

Study in Dresden, and find the best universities in Dresden.

Dresden is one of the largest cities in Eastern Germany, with a long and varied history as the seat of the royal family of Saxony.
Although it might be famous for being devastated by bombs during the Second World War, Dresden was rebuilt and is now a thriving city, famous for its arts, museums, impressive architecture and music. A combination of these cultural factors means that it is a fascinating place to begin your international education.

Dynamic economic growth and successful universities with good reputations also mean that it is a perfect place to forge a career after the completion of your undergraduate degree.

Study in Dresden?

With around 40,000 students, Dresden is a bustling education community. The city is home to a number of well known and respected universities offering undergraduate courses. You can study at either an institution of Higher Education (10 in the city) or a university of co-operative education, of which there are two – the Berufsakademie Dresden and the Saxon Administration and Business Academy.

Undergraduate degrees in Dresden generally last between three and four years, although courses in medicine, law, pharmacy and teaching training may be of differing lengths.

Courses may be taught in German or English, often with the focus of attracting foreign students.  You may have to take the German Language University Entrance Examination (DSH) to check your language suitability.

Immigration and visas

EU citizens are permitted to take an undergraduate course in Germany without a visa providing they can demonstrate the following:

  • They are studying for more than three months
  • They have sufficient income or savings to support yourself during your studies
  • They are enrolled at an approved or accredited institution
Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa (studentenvisum), which will normally be issued for an initial three month period before being extended on arrival. You cannot come to study in Germany on a tourist visa.

Accommodation and living costs

Finding somewhere to live in another country before the start of your undergraduate degree might seem daunting, but as an international undergraduate student you are likely to have help in this from your chosen university.

You may decide to live in halls owned by the university, where you will such things as bills included in your rent. You should check with your university to see if you will be eligible for a room.

Many international students coming to study an undergraduate course in Dresden will choose to live in university accommodation to meet fellow students.

If you are thinking of going private, however, look around these popular areas:

  • Neustadt
  • Sudvortstadt
  • Hellerau
Sudvortstadt is the main university district and is home to campus building, dormitories and student bars and cafes. If you are looking for something a bit busier, head to the trendy Neustadt district with its hipster scene.

What to do next

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