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Study In Frankfurt - Explore Universities in Frankfurt

Study in Frankfurt, and find the best universities in Frankfurt.

As the main financial centre of Europe, Frankfurt am Main (commonly known as Frankfurt, and not to be confused with Frankfurt (Oder), a small town over 600km away) is both Germany’s busiest city and its wealthiest - although behind the skyscrapers there are many other things that the city has to offer. One in three of those living in Frankfurt are from outside of Germany, meaning the city is an extremely international place – perfect for those looking to study abroad for the first time.

Aside from this, the city also has a high quality of life, with numerous green spaces, and also boasts over 30 museums and a number of festivals that take place every year.

Study in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is home to two universities, two business schools and several specialist schools. You can study an undergraduate graduate degree in Frankfurt at:

Undergraduate degrees in Frankfurt generally last three or four years, although courses such as law and medicine may be longer.
Courses may be taught in German or English, often with the focus of attracting foreign students. You may have to take the German Language University Entrance Examination (DSH) to check your language suitability.

Immigration and visas

EU citizens are permitted to take an undergraduate course in Frankfurt without a visa providing they can demonstrate the following:

  • They are studying for more than three months
  • They have sufficient income or savings to support themselves during your studies
  • They are enrolled at an approved or accredited institution
Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa (studentenvisum), which will normally be issued for an initial three month period before being extended on arrival. You cannot come to study in Germany on a tourist visa.

Accommodation and living costs

The cost of accommodation in Frankfurt is very high relative to other German cities, and you will find that many German students live with their parents while studying. International students should try to secure a place through their universities. However, if you do decide to go private, take a look at rooms in the following popular student areas:

  • Bockenheim
  • Westend
  • Near the river Main
Expect to pay around €300 to €350 a month for a room in a shared flat.

What to do next

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