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Study In Stuttgart - Explore Universities in Stuttgart

Study in Stuttgart, and find the best universities in Stuttgart.

Situated in southern Germany, Stuttgart is a city that is spread across hills and valleys, making it unique when compared to others in the country.

It is well known as a centre of automobile manufacture, and is famous for its technology, as well as for being the sixth largest city in Germany and the capital of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It also boasts many places of historical importance, including Stuttgart Old Castle, one of two castles in the city, and as a result of the damage caused to the city in the Second World War, some of Germany’s best post-war architecture.

Stuttgart has a thriving cultural scene and a large student population, making it a good choice when considering where to study an undergraduate degree. Stuttgart has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Germany in recent years.

Study in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart’s history as a centre of the automobile industry means that it has always had a reputation as an innovator in applied research. Today it has a number of well established higher education institutions, including:

Undergraduate degrees in Germany tend to last three or four years, although courses such as law or medicine are likely to be longer.  

Courses may be taught in German or English, often with the focus of attracting foreign students.  You may have to take the German Language University Entrance Examination (DSH) to check your language suitability.

Immigration and visas

EU citizens are permitted to take undergraduate courses in Germany without a visa providing they can demonstrate the following:

  • They are studying for more than three months
  • They have sufficient income or savings to support yourself during their studies
  • They are enrolled at an approved or accredited institution
Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa (studentenvisum), which will normally be issued for an initial three month period before being extended on arrival. You cannot come to study in Germany on a tourist visa.

Accommodation and living costs

The majority of international students coming to study in Stuttgart will choose to live in university accommodation with other students. It is likely that as an international undergraduate student you will be offered on campus accommodation, but you should check this with your university. University accommodation will probably have shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Another option is to live in student accommodation than is run privately, and so is independent of your university. These residence halls will be shared with other students and may cost you around €200 per month, with all utilities included. A good place to look is through Studentenwerk Stuttgart.

What to do next

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