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Study In Amsterdam - Explore Universities in Amsterdam

Study in Amsterdam, and find the best universities in Amsterdam.

Capital city of the Netherlands and renowned tourist destination, Amsterdam is a popular destination for students and travellers alike.
Offering history, art and a relaxed atmosphere, Amsterdam offers international students an inexpensive and exciting place to study.

Come study a degree in Amsterdam and be part of one of Europe’s most charming and education capital cities.

Study in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is one of the cheapest countries in Europe in which to study, so it’s no surprise that many international students choose its capital Amsterdam as a base. Although home to just two universities – although there are several colleges – Amsterdam is seem as a youthful, student-led city.

You can study a degree in Amsterdam at some of the following destinations:

  • University of Amsterdam
  • VU University Amsterdam
  • Gerrit Rietveld Academie
  • International Institute of Social History

There are several different types of university and course that you can apply to in the Netherlands. Degrees at research universities normally take three years to complete, while degrees at applied sciences universities will take between 2-4 years to complete.

You should be aware that some university degrees in Amsterdam will require you to speak Dutch. If in doubt, check with your chosen university before applying.

Immigration and visas

EU students are able to come and study a degree in Amsterdam providing you are studying at an approved institution for more than three months and have sufficient income to support yourself. Non-EU students will need to apply for a visa dependent on their nationality. You will generally need to show the following, regardless of your nationality:

  • You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
  • You are not already in the country on a tourist or business visa
  • You have paid all relevant visa fees

Accommodation and living costs

Finding somewhere to live in Amsterdam as an international student isn’t easy. Unlike many other countries, universities in the Netherlands do not normally provide accommodation for their international students. Consequently, most have to find their own private accommodation.

However, Amsterdam is generally short of private accommodation and it can be difficult for international students to find housing from outside of the city. It is worth finding out about temporary hostels and hotels as a stopgap until you can research the city further.

The most popular area for students to live in Amsterdam is cosmopolitan De Pijp and Jordaan.

What to do next

If you would like to find out more about how to study a degree in Amsterdam, fill out our Free Application Service and we'll get back in touch.