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Study In Kuwait - International Students

Study in Kuwait, and find the best universities in Kuwait.

This study guide will give you all the information you need to find universities and study in Kuwait.

Kuwait is one of the Middle East’s less-explored corners, most famous for the devastating Iraqi invasion of the early 1990s. However, the country has made a remarkable recovery and offers international students an excellent, safe and advanced place to study a degree abroad.

The country is based around its capital Kuwait City, with little else to see save a few resorts dotted along the coast – although plans to create a tourist development on the island of Failaka are beginning.

Choosing to study a degree in Kuwait will place you in a unique, historical Arab country with a history of tolerance and growth.

Bachelor Degree In Kuwait

Find the right Bachelor Degree in Kuwait with our comprehensive guide.

Universities in Kuwait

Kuwait’s universities are notable for their internationalism—many are extensions of universities outside the country.

These include Algonquin College, American College of Middle East, AmericanUniversity of Kuwait, American University of the Middle East, Australian College of Kuwait, Kuwait Maastricht Business School, Box Hill College of Kuwait, Arab Open University and European Global University of Kuwait.

In addition to these international universities, Kuwait is home to four state-supported institutions:

• Kuwait University
• The College of Basic Education in PAAET
• Higher Institute for Theater Arts
• Higher Institute of Music Arts

Tuition Fees in Kuwait

Explore tuition fees in Kuwait for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Undergraduate degrees in Kuwait are similar to those in other countries, based around the bachelor’s degree.

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the American University of Kuwait, for example, students need to complete 124 credit hours made up of both general education requirements and major requirements.

These degrees include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Bachelor of Arts
• Bachelor of Engineering
• Bachelor of Science
• Bachelor of Business Administration

Specific degrees may depend on individual schools. Some schools, like Algonquin College, also offer two-year diploma programs.

Algonquin offers diplomas in management and entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, computer programming, Internet applications and web development, and interactive media design.

Many post-secondary students include technical and vocational courses through the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET).

The Kuwaiti government has created a movement of pushing local students to pick up vocational training, as the country is in need of skilled technicians.

Immigration & Visa in Kuwait

Advice on Immigration & Visa in Kuwait, where you can make sure you get the right documents to make a successful application to your ideal university.

If you want to study a degree in Kuwait, you’ll need to apply for a student visa well in advance of travelling to the country.

Students can get free short-term tourist visas upon entering the country, but students staying longer may need to undergo additional screenings.

For more information, go to your country’s governmental website.

Students who have previously travelled to Israel may not be allowed to enter Kuwait. International students will not be able to work in Kuwait as part of their visa conditions

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Kuwait

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Kuwait.

Most universities in Kuwait will provide housing for students in dedicated complexes or dormitories.

There are several advantages to this, including being closer to your university, being able to mix with other students and not having to furnish your apartment.

However, it is possible to get private accommodation, or even in some cases, stay with a local Kuwaiti family.

However, wherever you choose to live, you need to make sure that it has air-conditioning.

The cost of living in Kuwait depends on the type of lifestyle you want to live. For instance, domestic goods and petrol are very cheap, but imported goods and electronics can be expensive.

Kuwait is small country and entertainment options are limited, so expect to spend holidays abroad.

Advice For Parents

Advice For Parents whose children may be looking to study in Kuwait. You can find complete information on costs, safety, security and tips on keeping in touch during their time away.

How safe is Kuwait?

Kuwait is a small, safe country that is respectful of international students. Crime is low. However, students do need to be aware of Kuwait’s Muslim culture, meaning they should dress respectfully at all times and avoid offending cultural practices.

Students should take care to avoid becoming victims of crime. They can do this by:

• Avoiding carrying around large amounts of money
• Staying in groups, especially at night, and never walking alone
• Not making valuables obvious
• Always having a route home planned and never getting into unlicensed taxis
• Being wary of strangers
• Being careful of traffic

Staying in touch

Staying in touch when your child is studying on the other side of the world might seem daunting – but there are ways you can talk regularly that don’t have to involve long distance phone calls and a nasty bill at the end of the month. Here are a few tips:

• Skype – the free video calling service can be downloaded within seconds, and will allow you to talk face to face anywhere you have an internet connection

• Blogging – maybe encourage your child to keep a blog of their adventures overseas, so that other families members (such as grandparents) can keep up to date

• Local sim cards – it is also a good idea for your child to buy a phone with a local pay as you go sim card when they arrive so that they can text and call home without running up a bill

Apply to Study in Kuwait

Apply to Study in Kuwait and get free online and telephone support with your application. The advice here will help you find the right bachelors at the right university in Kuwait.

If you would like to study overseas but are not certain as to where is the best fit in terms of country, course and funding you can register for free with the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) where a dedicated admissions team will be able to help you every step of the way.

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Cities in Kuwait