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Study In Maine - Explore Universities in Maine

Study in Maine, and find the best universities in Maine.

Located in the New England region up in America’s northeastern corner, Maine is known for its scenery, particularly it rocky coastline and beautiful waterways. Maine is home to islands, icy bays and deep water harbours which make it’s coastline a huge tourist attraction – and a popular student getaway.

However, there is more to Maine than water. More than 90% of the state is covered in forest, giving Maine its nickname of ‘the pine state’. Filled with moose, bald eagles and deer, this is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Study in Maine?

Maine has one public university system – the University of Maine – which has six branches across the state. As well as several other public institutions, Maine has more than 10 private universities.

You can study a degree at the following universities in Maine:

An undergraduate degree from a university in Maine will normally take 2-4 years to complete, depending on the type of degree and subject you choose. Associate degrees will be the shorter of the two to complete, generally taking two years to finish, while Bachelor degrees take four years.

Immigration and visas

Before travelling to the USA to study, you will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa for study in Maine.

The most common kind of student visa is the F-1 visa, which entitles the holder to study at any US accredited college or university.

To apply for a student visa, you will need to fill out an application form (found on the US Embassy website) and send appropriate documentation, such as evidence of financial standing and proof of university acceptance and academic qualifications, as well as possibly attending a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country.

Accommodation and living costs

Most international students coming to Maine will look for housing through your university. Most institutions provide student housing on a first-come first-served basis, although some will guarantee accommodation for new international student. The benefits of university housing include being able to meet other students, living close to the campus and 24-hour support.

However, if you do decide to look for private housing in Maine, you should still speak to your university first. They will be able to advice you on good areas to live, reputable estate agents and associated living costs.

What to do next

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