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Studying a degree in South-america

South America offers a great opportunity for Spanish - and Portuguese - speaking students to experience a different culture and way of life. From the mountains of Peru to the beaches of Brazil, choosing to study a degree in South America will introduce you to the Latin way of life.

Choosing to study a degree in Argentina is your passport to a world of tango, travel and top universities. This is a South American country with an excellent - and cheap - university system.

Thinking about choosing to study a degree in Brazil?. Great education, beautiful beaches and the future football World Cup and Olympics - Brazil is hot right now.

Ecuador is moving forward in an increasingly globalised world, and offers almost unrivalled opportunities for students with a sense of adventure.

Mexico is a great destination to be an international student. Come study a degree in Mexico and experience the best of Latin America.

We currently do not have a list of any Universities in this continent. If you would like to advertise your institution here, please get in touch with us.