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Study In Argentina - International Students

Study in Argentina, and find the best universities in Argentina.

This study guide will give you all the info you need to find universities and study in Argentina

Argentina is a highly popular tourist destination in South America, and a great place for international students looking for a dynamic and exciting place to study.

Known for its beautiful mountains, traditional dance - the tango, and amazing football culture, Argentina is a treasure trove for visitors.

It is also home to the highest peak in South America, Aconcagua, as well as deserts, glaciers and amazing waterfalls.

For urban life, the capital Buenos Aires is a vibrant and exciting hub in which to full embrace latin culture.

An estimated 90,000 international students chose to study in Argentina every year, more than any other Latin American nation except Uruguay. This number includes 30,000 from Europe, the US and Asia who are attracted by the high standard of teaching, affordable living and diverse culture.

Bachelor Degree In Argentina

Find the right Bachelor Degree in Argentina with our comprehensive guide.

Universities in Argentina

Argentina’s university system is growing rapidly and is home to both public and private institutions.

There are 40 national universities in Argentina that are funded by the government and accept the most undergraduate students.

There are also around 45 private universities in Argentina which are smaller and charge much higher fees.

Argentina is home to the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) which is ranked joint 85th in the QS World University Rankings 2016/2017 and 11th in the rankings for Latin America.

Other universities that are ranked highly on the world stage include:

- Universidad Austral
- Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires (UCA)
- Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)
- Universidad de San Andrés
- Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Tuition Fees in Argentina

Explore tuition fees in Argentina for bachelor's degrees and find the right bachelors degree at the right tuition cost for you.

Undergraduate degrees in Argentina last between three and four years, with some courses (for example medicine) lasting longer.

Like the majority of the world, Argentina’s undergraduate degrees are also called bachelors degrees.

Bachelors degrees can be taken in the following subject areas:

• Bachelor of Arts (BA)
• Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc)
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
• Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
• Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

The vast majority of undergraduate courses in Argentina are taught in Spanish, although there are a small number of courses taught in English.

The academic year in Argentina runs from March to November, with applications accepted until early November at most institutions.

International students need to apply directly to their chosen university.

Immigration & Visa in Argentina

Advice on Immigration & Visa in Argentina, where you can make sure you get the right documents to make a successful application to your ideal university.

The Argentine government requires international students wanting to study a degree in Argentina lasting more than 90 days to obtain a student visa.

However, the process is not easy and many international students find getting a student visa extremely bureaucratic and time consuming.

Students looking to study an undergraduate degree in Argentina will usually need to demonstrate the following:

• You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
• You have sufficient funds in place to support yourself during your studies
• You have paid all relevant visa fees
• Your chosen university is willing to start the visa process for you

A standard student visa will last for six months, but if your course is longer – which is extremely likely if you are studying for an undergraduate degree - you can get a visa valid for up to a year if you submit to a criminal records check in your home country.

For more information on study abroad visas for Argentina contact the Argentine embassy or high commission in your home country.

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Argentina

Advice on Accommodation & Living Costs in Argentina.

International students who want to study a degree in Argentina have three main options when it comes to finding somewhere to live:

• University provided accommodation
• Private accommodation
• Homestays

The majority of international students in Argentina will choose to live in university provided accommodation.

Doing so will allow you to meet fellow students more easily, live in a location near the university and will often include study areas, libraries and cafeterias.

Private accommodation may be a better fit for students travelling with families or those who want a bit more privacy, but is much harder to organise from outside of Argentina.

The cost of living in Argentina varies depending on the lifestyle you want to live.

However, Argentina is generally a good destination for students looking to get value for money, particularly as the Argentine Peso is still relatively weak against international currencies.

Advice For Parents

Advice For Parents whose children may be looking to study in Argentina. You can find complete information on costs, safety, security and tips on keeping in touch during their time away.

How safe is Argentina?

Argentina is used to welcoming tourists from many countries and also has a large student population. This makes it a relatively safe country in which to study, providing you take the usual precautions that you would anywhere else in the world.

However, one thing to be aware of is that Argentina has a wide gap between rich and poor. Poverty is unavoidable in Argentina, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings in a new neighbourhood.

Students should always take care to protect their own personal safety in order to avoid becoming victims of crime. They can do this by:

• Avoiding carrying around large amounts of money
• Staying in groups, especially at night, and never walking alone
• Not making valuables obvious
• Always having a route home planned and never getting into unlicensed taxis
• Being wary of strangers
• Being careful of traffic

Staying in touch

Staying in touch when your child is studying on the other side of the world might seem daunting – but there are ways you can talk regularly that don’t have to involve long distance phone calls and a nasty bill at the end of the month. Here are a few tips:

• Skype – the free video calling service can be downloaded within seconds, and will allow you to talk face to face anywhere you have an internet connection

• Blogging – maybe encourage your child to keep a blog of their adventures overseas, so that other families members (such as grandparents) can keep up to date

• Local sim cards – it is also a good idea for your child to buy a phone with a local pay as you go sim card when they arrive so that they can text and call home without running up a bill

Apply to Study in Argentina

Apply to Study in Argentina and get free online and telephone support with your application. The advice here will help you find the right bachelors at the right university in Argentina.

If you would like to study overseas but are not certain as to where is the best fit in terms of country, course and funding you can register for free with the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) where a dedicated admissions team will be able to help you every step of the way.

You can find out about studying in other countries with our country guides.

Cities in Argentina