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Why should you study a biology degree abroad?

If you have an interest in the sciences and specifically how the human body works, then choosing to study biology degree abroad could be for you. Studying a biology degree abroad will introduce you to the study of life in all its forms – from microscopic algae to how humans adapt to illness. You will study how viruses adapt and evolve, how the human body survives and reproduces and how we develop and grow.

Most biology courses allow you to specialise into a particular field of biosciences, such as genetics or microbiology. However, you should expect all biology degrees to focus on the five basic principles of biology:

  • Cell theory
  • Gene theory
  • Evolution
  • Homeostasis
  • Thermodynamics

How can you benefit from studying biology degree abroad?

Opting to study a biology degree abroad can also be useful if you want to get into medicine or a related health field such as pharmaceuticals. However most universities will ask you to have a previous qualification in biology, while it is also useful to have a chemistry, maths or physics qualification.

Studying a biology degree abroad will prepare you for a career in science, research, health or pharmaceutical primarily. You will develop a range of subject specific skills and knowledge, including practical lab work and training, but you will also improve your general employability skills too.

What type of job can you apply for with this degree?

Biology-related jobs can be extremely competitive; so many students try to get work experience while studying. This will show that you are truly dedicated to the industry and will help you to develop experience and subject specific skills. Biology graduates typically go on to work in health, pharmaceuticals and scientific research on graduation – however a significant number continue their studies with a postgraduate degree.

Some of the jobs that biology graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:

  • Geneticist
  • Research scientist
  • Science journalist
  • General practice doctor
  • Pharmacologist
  • Academic
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