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Why should you study a dentistry degree abroad?

Choosing to study a dentistry degree abroad will provide you with the skills to work with all things dental. You’ll learn how to pull teeth, how to give fillings, how to whiten teeth and how to perform x-rays and give anaesthetic. You’ll learn how to diagnose tooth decay and provide emergency dental care.

A dentistry degree will take several more years to complete than most other undergraduate degrees due to the complexity of the study involved, but with an almost guaranteed job at the end and a high salary, the time investment will be worth it.

How can you benefit from studying a dentistry degree abroad?

Opting to study a dentistry degree abroad is expensive and hard work, but the rewards on graduation can be high, both financially and from a job satisfaction point of view. You will need to have an aptitude for medical learning and be willing to study long hours.

Most dentistry degrees require you to have previous qualifications in chemistry, biology, physics or maths.

A dentistry degree is one of the most vocational qualifications you can get, with pretty much all graduates going on to become dentists, dental hygienist or into research. As such, most of the skills you get will be technically related to dentistry.

Some of the skills you gain on a dentistry undergraduate degree will include:

  • Strong academic discipline
  • Customer care
  • High levels of communication and interpersonal skills
  • IT skills
  • Technical dental knowledge
  • Teamwork

What types of jobs can you do with this degree?

A dentistry degree is a length degree, meaning you will spend part of your studies on work placements in dental schools actually learning the skills you need to do the job. As such, most graduates go straight into work after finishing their studies.

You will most likely start work in a general dental practice as a vocational dental practitioner, before progressing with experience to potentially running your own clinic.

Some of the jobs that dentistry graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:

  • Vocational dental practitioner
  • General dental practitioner
  • Hospital dentist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Research scientist
  • Community clinical dental officer
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