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Why should you study an economics degree abroad?

Optin to study an economics degree abroad is the perfect fit for you if you have an interest and aptitude in finance, numbers and statistics. An economics degree will also prepare you for a career working with government, looking at the financial impact of policies and major events.

How can you benefit from studying an economics degree abroad?

The study of economics is at a crossroads. The global financial recession, growing debt and increasing global unemployment means that many governments and institutions are looking for a new economic model – making this the perfect time to study the subject.

An undergraduate economics degree will help you to learn about different economic systems and how they are applied. You will learn about statistical data and how to interpret it, macroeconomics and financial econometrics.

Choosing to study an economics degree abroad will give you the skills and insight required to forge a career in the financial industries. You will learn about different economic models and policies and how governments apply different financial models to improve growth and create new jobs. You will also learn about managing, creating and interpreting data. A large part of your degree will focus on analysing and collecting data and statistics.

However, it’s important to remember that economics is primarily a social science, so the focus of your study should always be how financial systems affect people and places.

 What types of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Studying an economics degree abroad will generally prepare you for a career in the financial services, banks and government. You can expect to start as an assistant economist and progress from there. Many companies have a graduate training degree which will continue to develop your skills throughout your career.

Some of the jobs that economics graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:

  • Economist
  • Financial analyst
  • Accountant
  • Investment analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Statistician
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