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Why should you study an English language degree abroad?

Studying an English language degree abroad is a diverse subject, touching on areas such as psychology, philosophy, literature and history. You should expect to read lots of core material, as you will often compare the language used by different writers in different periods to convey stories or similar messages.

You can also study the language of particular topics, such as gender or politics, or even how language changes over a period of time.

You should also expect to write lots of essays when you study an English language degree abroad, as you put into practice your studies.

How can you benefit from an English language degree abroad?

If you have a flair for the English language, an admiration of the written word and the ability to interpret different data quickly and effectively, then it’s likely that you will enjoy the opportunity to study an English language degree abroad. This is really a subject for students who love to play with words and can think creatively.

English language degrees are generally open to students from any academic background, but it is obviously useful to have a previous qualification in English.

An undergraduate degree in English language will strengthen your ability to communicate, analyse and interpret the English language. You could also learn about linguistics and how different countries or regions use language differently. You will also improve your essay writing and ability to produce arguments in a logical manner.

Some of the other skills you gain studying an English language degree abroad will include:

  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Data analysis
  • Critical reasoning
  • Teamwork
  • Project management

What types of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Choosing to study an English language degree abroad can lead to a wide range of jobs in different roles across different industries. Your skills will be marketable in most career areas.

However, many English language graduates want to work in a job which allows them to use their flair for the language, so journalism, creative writing, copywriting and teaching are all popular routes to go down.

Some of the jobs that English language graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:

  • Editorial assistant
  • Teacher
  • Reporter
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Information officer
  • PR officer
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