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Why should you study an English literature degree abroad?

Choosing to study an English literature degree abroad will allow you to focus on improving your ability to interpret and analyse various texts. You will study modules as diverse as Shakespeare, romanticism, female writers in the US and Victorian literature.

Alongside these texts, you will also focus on developing your literary theory and ability to criticise texts and analyse patters in them.

Your final project will normally be based around a dissertation on a subject of your choosing.

How can you benefit from studying an English literature degree?

If you have a passion for reading classic books, looking for new meanings and examining the background and history to literature then studying an English literature degree abroad should be for you. You will be able to debate and discuss the meaning of some of the world’s most famous books whilst also finding out more about the background to the authors who wrote them.

An undergraduate degree in English literature will give you a range of skills that can be applied to almost any job role or industry. Although not a vocational degree, English literature is well respected as a qualification. You should expect to gain skills in analysis and data interpretation, the different applications of language and how we can communication effectively, and be able to research ideas and products thoroughly.

Some of the other skills you if you choose to study an English literature degree abroad will include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Data analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Project management

What types of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Although not a strictly vocational degree, an English literature degree will prepare you for a career in a number of different industries. However, three of the main areas English literature graduates go into are journalism, teaching and, more surprisingly, the financial industries.

Another potential career path for graduates is into publishing, which utilises your research skills, good language and analytical ability effectively.

Some of the jobs that English literature graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:
  • Journalist
  • Editorial assistant
  • English teacher
  • Trainee editor
  • Banker

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