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Why should you study a graphic design degree abroad?

Choosing to study a graphic design degree abroad will teach you the basics of design, improving your skills through more and more complex projects as you move through the course. You should expect to study modules on how to present your portfolio of work effectively, as well as looking at the history of certain types of design or periods of work.

Most graphic design degrees lead towards a final project, which will form the basis of any portfolio submissions that you use for job applications.

How can you benefit from studying a graphic design degree abroad?

Studying a graphic design degree abroad attracts creative, image focused students who can produce attractive designs, logos and layouts. If you have a passion for making things look beautiful but also be functional, then study graphic design degree abroad could be for you.

Many graphic design degrees require you to have an existing qualification in art and design and knowledge of some basic techniques.

Opting to study a graphic design degree abroad will allow you to gain a good mix of subject-specific technical skills and transferable core skills that will apply to any job. You will spend plenty of time practicing your drawing and sketching, working on ideas and building a portfolio of work. However, you will also be skilled at research, working to deadlines and understanding briefs.

Some of the other skills you gain on an undergraduate graphic design degree will include:

  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Commercial awareness
  • Research
  • Project management

What kinds of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Studying a graphic design degree abroad will give you the skills and portfolio of work to be able to go straight into a career in design, but you need to remember that this is an extremely competitive industry and jobs are fiercely fought over.

Graduates will use the degree show work to demonstrate their creativity and technical ability. You could start out as a junior designer at an agency, or work in design for publishing houses or businesses.

Some of the jobs that graphic design graduates secure after completing their qualifications include:

  • Graphic designer
  • Advertising art designer
  • Printmaker
  • Illustrator
  • Arts journalist
  • Photographer
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