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Why should you study an international relations degree abroad?

Choosing to study an international relations degree abroad will teach you about how countries and governments work with each other, and how important politics are in terms of global decision making and development. You will also study organisations such as the United Nations (UN), and the roles of NGOs and charities.

The overriding themes of your international relations/politics degree will be sociology, history and philosophy, although your course will have real-world applications. Depending on the degree you choose you may also have the chance to take a year in industry part way through your degree, in which you could find yourself anywhere in the world, working for a government o0r development organisation, a charity, or in some other sector.

You are likely to be given options during your course over whether you choose modules that focus more on politics or international relations, as well as on the economic, social, philosophical or historical aspects of either of these.

How can you benefit from studying an international relations degree abroad?

Those who want to study an international relations degree abroad need to have a balanced set of skills – as well as being numerate and able to analyse statistical information, you must have the ability to read dense and complicated text and understand it quickly.

Most of all, you must have a strong desire to know how the world works and the ability to see complex issues on a global scale. If that sounds like you, studying an international relations degree abroad might be the right choice.

Studying an international relations degree abroad will teach you a number of multi-disciplinary skills - is likely to be a bachelor of science, but will have a strong qualitative base and largely be focused on essays. This means that the skills you graduate with will prepare you for work in many areas.

Some of the skills you will gain during your international relations/ politics degree include:

  • A strong knowledge of working politics
  • Analytical skills
  • Research
  • Absorption of information
  • Construction of arguments
  • A knowledge of economic models
  • The ability to work with figures and statistics
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Written and oral presentation
  • Interpretation of political issues

What types of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Studying an international relations degree abroad can open doors to a wide number of careers. If you want a career that is directly related to your degree you could choose to work in local or national government, within charities, in diplomacy or within organisations such as the United Nations, amongst many others.

Your varied skills will be in high demand across all sectors, so if you choose a career that isn’t directly related to international relations/politics you could work in business, law, teaching or the media.

Some of the jobs you could do with an international relations/politics degree include:

  • Diplomat
  • Lobbyist/ public affairs consultant
  • Social researcher
  • Politician
  • Political speech writer
  • Journalist
  • Civil servant
  • Political organiser
  • Charity officer
  • Local government officer

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