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Why should you study a telecommunications degree abroad?

Telecommunications is one of the fastest moving and most exciting sreas you can choose to be involved in – and with digital broadcasting and technology revolutionising the way we live in recent years, the industry looks set to be lucrative for many years to come.

Choosing to study a telecommunications degree abroad will give you skills in a large number of areas. You are likely to study modules related to engineering, electronics, mathematics, optical and wireless communications, computer programming and digital broadcasting, amongst other things – there are a wide number of options when studying for a telecommunications degree abroad.

During your telecommunications course you are likely to have numerous chances to work on live projects and with businesses, giving you invaluable links for the future. Towards the end of your course you will also complete your own independent project.

How can you benefit from studying a telecommunications degree abroad?

Students studying a telecommunications degree abroad will study both the theory behind the area and the practical side – so you will have to be ready to work hard at both. Engineering, IT and maths are also a huge part of telecommunications degrees, so all these things need to be of interest to you if you are going to get a place on a university course.

You must also be ready to contend and keep up with an extremely fast paced industry – changes within telecommunications happen quickly, so you will have to be prepared to research constantly and be aware of what businesses and consumers require.

Your undergraduate degree in telecommunications will teach you a number of skills that will be useful whatever career you decide to pursue. Some of these skills include:

  • Time management
  • Consumer awareness
  • Engineering awareness
  • Business knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Working under pressure
  • Forward planning
  • Industry awareness
  • Team work/leadership
  • Written and oral presentation
  • Problem solving
  • Analysis


What types of jobs can you apply for with this degree?

Because telecommunications is such a fast paced industry there are hundreds of different types of jobs, and more and more options opening up all the time. You could work in a very wide number of sectors, including:

  • The media
  • Research
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Consultancy
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