American University of Beirut (AUB)

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Harry Mavromatis, BS Physics

AUB influenced me decisively during my formative years, exposing me to the best the American educational system can offer…  AUB’s (physics) degree enabled me to go to the world’s foremost scientific institutions, meet and interact with the planet’s best scientific minds, among them physicists responsible for the atomic age.  Moreover, AUB was the first place where I was introduced to the dazzling variety of cultures, and religious traditions that span our globe—a superficially divisive diversity, despite which there is much more that unites us, namely our common humanity. AUB is a place where I still feel at home, or to quote its Alma Mater, it is (one of the places) “where I love to be.”

Harry Mavromatis, BS Physics
Mahmoud Mardini, BA Archaeology

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), and currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Osteoarchaeology from the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). AUB’s department of Archaeology along with its distinguished professors provided me with the opportunity to be an outstanding archaeologist. The experience I gained, be it from the hands-on involvement in archaeological excavations or the wide variety of modules offered, definitely shaped me to optimize my potential. The cadre of professors are experts in their respective fields, which also gave me the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in issues related to archaeology. AUB’s impact on my academic and social life enhanced my possibilities to pursue what I love, and hopefully, I can continue this journey with AUB in the near future.

Mahmoud Mardini, BA Archaeology
Randy Nakhle, BA Political Studies, (focusing mainly on international relations and international law)

My 4 years at AUB coincided with major political turning points in the country and in the region (war in Iraq, Hariri assassination, growing tensions between the various regional powers and local political groups).  As challenging as this period was for Lebanon, it was an incredibly fascinating time to be there and to be studying politics and international relations at AUB, a prominent academic institution in the region and historically the breeding ground for a significant portion of Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s political, economic and thought leaders.

AUB gave me a wealth of experience in 4 years, both outside and inside the classroom, and this has served me well in my international legal career.  Academically, I was well prepared for studying law at Georgetown.  But more generally, AUB is a place of immense character which is palpable from the moment you step through the Main Gate.  One can point to the vibrant student life, the tight-knit community, the very international and diverse faculty and student body, the exceptional campus overlooking the Mediterranean and the long history of the institution.   There is also a certain pride that comes with the place and a cult-like following among alumni, professors and students that is hard to describe unless you’ve been a part of it.  Just to be in the midst of that every day for 4 years shaped so much of my personality, both professionally and socially.  I am convinced it has helped me see things from more angles and be a more perceptive and more well-rounded person generally than if I had gone to a more conventional school in the U.S.

Randy Nakhle, BA Political Studies, (focusing mainly on international relations and international law)
Sofia Jimenez De La Torre, <br />Undergraduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering Country, Mexico

I am a transfer student from Mexico pursuing a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

When I first arrived to the American University of Beirut, I had to face big challenges in different areas like language, environment, culture and educational background. However, since the beginning I felt very welcomed, the people are very kind and helpful, and they take the time to explain things.

The country is so beautiful with plenty of activities, it's definitely an experience that I highly recommend for anyone pursuing good education and a friendly environment.

As far as my learning experience at AUB, I never thought I had that much potential in myself, I am really happy and thankful for all the knowledge and friendship I gained in AUB.

Sofia Jimenez De La Torre,
Undergraduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering Country, Mexico
Ali el Mokahal, BA in Philosophy with minors in Political Studies and Biology

My student experience in AUB has been an excellent one. Academically I found myself challenged and I had to rise up to the challenge, and I was surrounded by excellent peers and professors in a space where discussion and debate was encouraged. My out of classroom experiences were just as fruitful as my in classes. 

I'm currently a second year medical student at AUB, so I'm still extremely glad to be at AUB. I felt like my undergraduate studies prepared me well for the rigors of medical school, and the fact that I was able to get a degree in the humanities made me a more well-rounded medical student, one that is able to grasp both the scientific and nonscientific aspects of medicine. 

Ali el Mokahal, BA in Philosophy with minors in Political Studies and Biology
Ali Ayoub, Lebanon, (BS-ENVH) 2012<br /> Current Position: Sustainability Data Analyst at GeoPhy, The Netherlands

 “What attracted me in the Environmental Health programme is the diversity of its subjects, covering the issues of water, food, safety and environmental management, along with their accompanying field trainings.

Most importantly, the study period at FHS provided me with the critical thinking and analytical scientific skills that allow me to tackle any problem and solve it with ease, which is a valuable professional asset in most companies, especially start-ups. Additionally, being a student AUB has strengthened my leadership and communication skills through participating in various extracurricular student activities.

Working in a fast-paced environment can be challenging to say the least. Being equipped with the skills and knowledge gained at FHS and the ambition to pursue the career that you love, makes this challenging environment feel like an enjoyable ride.”

Ali Ayoub, Lebanon, (BS-ENVH) 2012
Current Position: Sustainability Data Analyst at GeoPhy, The Netherlands
Daniah Turjman, Lebanon, (BS-ENVH) 2010<br />Current Position: Environmental Specialist at the Ministry of Environment, Lebanon

“In 2010 I graduated from FHS with a B.Sc. Environmental Health with the energy and ambition to make a change. I pursued a graduate degree in Occupational Health and Safety and landed a job as an Occupational Health and Safety officer in a renowned waste management company in Lebanon. My exposure and experience in both the health and safety sector and the waste management field qualified me to be accepted in the Ministry of Environment, where I am currently working as an Environmental Specialist.

I have always been a nature lover who believed that even individual acts towards protecting the environment can lead to a greater good. This was my main driver for joining the program. Before joining the Environmental Health program I used to perceive the environment as trees and forests, recycling, and waste management. However, as I proceeded in my courses, specifically during my junior year, I came to realize how diversified this field is. The beauty of this program is that you learn about things directly related to your lives: the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the waste you produce. No matter where you are at home, school or work, you are surrounded by an environment which you can either harm or protect.

This program is perfect for those of you who are eager to keep things in motion. The field work, class projects and summer field training are all a very exciting and useful introduction to what you will be facing in your job. Work in the environmental field is not about sitting behind the desk all day, chances are you will spend a lot of time out in the field interacting with people and places. This is what I love most about my job and what the program equipped me best in.

My advice for everyone joining this course in the future is to always seek opportunities, join volunteering work, and love what you are doing. You are adopting a cause for life, and you will only succeed if you have a true passion and love for making this world a better place to live in, no matter how small it is, make a positive change.”

Daniah Turjman, Lebanon, (BS-ENVH) 2010
Current Position: Environmental Specialist at the Ministry of Environment, Lebanon
Karim Kaissi, Lebanon (BS-ENVH)<br />2005 Current Position: Senior Director for Operations and Strategic Physician Contracting, USA

“When I was finishing up my high-school education at International College (IC), I wasn't set on a specific career path I wanted to pursue. I was interested in the healthcare sector, but I also knew that becoming a medical doctor was not necessarily the route for me. Given the interdisciplinary nature of Environmental Health, the program was a great opportunity to get exposed to multiple fields within the area of Health Sciences (biology, chemistry, healthcare management, public health etc.). The intimate class size also allowed for genuine relationship-building with both the teachers and fellow students, who all came from diverse expertise and backgrounds. AUB's Faculty of Health Sciences and the Environmental Health program, were both a critical stepping stone for me on a personal, academic, and professional level. Fast-forward 12 years later, I currently live in Texas with my family. I have since gotten my Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, and I am a board-certified Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).

I am proud to call myself an AUB and FHS alumnus.

Advice to current and prospective students: 1) Take time to find what you are passionate about. There will always be an abundance of projects that will come your way; the key is finding what makes you wanting to come back every day. 2) Listen and make every effort to understand and appreciate other perspectives within the industry. If healthcare is your field of choice, then that is especially true when it comes to the patients and communities we serve. 3) Lastly, find mentors who are willing and able to invest time and energy in your own growth throughout your career, and not just early on.”

Karim Kaissi, Lebanon (BS-ENVH)
2005 Current Position: Senior Director for Operations and Strategic Physician Contracting, USA
Ramez Kouzy, Lebanon (BS-MLSP)<br />2015 Current Position: Medical Student at AUB, Lebanon

“When I reflect on my three years at the Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB, I can’t but be grateful for how the MLS program shaped me into becoming a better person. When I arrived to FHS, I was welcomed by a warm faculty and helpful advisors that guided my way and eased my university experience. I chose to enter the Medical Laboratory Program as a Pre-Medical student due to the substantial medical background it offers. Through our classes with incredibly supportive professors who were a second family, I was challenged to discover more and be more curious. This program helped my transition into medical school by making me a well-rounded student with a sturdy base in the sciences and the humanities.

Being part of FHS will change you forever, you get introduced to a new family that will always push you to be a better student, person and citizen. This major will open a lot of doors for students, whether make them ready to join the workforce or for post graduate studies. You will leave this faculty with a broad set of skills and new perspective that will make you stand up from the pack wherever you might go. I will always be grateful for FHS and my mentors in the program who helped me all along.”

Ramez Kouzy, Lebanon (BS-MLSP)
2015 Current Position: Medical Student at AUB, Lebanon
Anthony Shamoun (RN, BSN, MSN): Chief Clinical Nurse Specialist and Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist at the American University of Beirut Medical Center

I hold the position of Chief Clinical Nurse Specialist and Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

Being an Academic Associate at AUB- Hariri School of Nursing enriched my skills and expertise in academic education. By blending academic with clinical education, I have been successful in providing undergraduate and graduate nursing students a wider clinical exposure, dynamic learning environment, and an easy transition to the nursing career at various levels.

Anthony Shamoun (RN, BSN, MSN): Chief Clinical Nurse Specialist and Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist at the American University of Beirut Medical Center
Grace Hakim: RN, BSN, Emergency Nurse

I graduated from Hariri School of Nursing in 2011. I have been an Emergency Nurse since then. HSON prepared me by providing an excellent foundation of knowledge and skills to build upon during my nursing career. I was able to adapt easily to the tough and fast-paced environment of the Emergency Department. After my graduation, I was so excited to go back to HSON to pursue my master’s degree in adult care. Now I am back, I am so appreciative of the faculty role in applying knowledge to practice.

Grace Hakim: RN, BSN, Emergency Nurse