BARBRI International student Admissions  & Application


BARBRI international student admissions & applications
BABRI International
Interested in expanding your legal career options globally? If you are studying law you may be eligible to sit for a U.S. Bar Exam and become a U.S. attorney.
  • Number 1 Bar Review Programme in the US and internationally
  • Internationalise your law degree
  • Qualify as a U.S. Attorney
BARBRI enables you to qualify as a US Attorney providing the only International Bar Review programme tailored to the needs of non-US law graduates and lawyers.  You can study our innovative Home Study online course or in a classroom based in the UK, Ireland or Dubai. 

The International Bar Review Programme has been running for 15 years and is the market leading course for non-US students. BARBRI trains around 30,000 students a year, has been at the top of the Bar Review business for 50 years and has trained over 1.3 million attorneys worldwide. BARBRI can greatly enhance your marketability in a competitive legal market at home and abroad by helping you obtain an international legal career.
Why study with BABRI
  • We provide courses that are tailored to non-US law graduates and professionals. The International Bar Review Programme has been running for 15 years.
  • We’re part of BARBRI in the US, which has been at the top of the Bar Review business for 45 years.
  • Benefits of qualifying as a US Attorney – gain a globally recognised qualification
  • It gives students a qualification which is internationally recognised, possibly within a year, that can take them anywhere in the world.
BABRI in New York
Why do it
Passing a U.S. state bar exam and becoming an American attorney adds valuable credentials to your C.V. or resumeĢ and gives you the capability and expertise to work with international clients, deal with cross-border transactions, and understand the differences between U.S. and international law. Beyond choosing to practise law in the U.S. or abroad, you may be eligible for many positions in specialised areas such as consulting, international arbitration, international human rights, corporate in-house counsel for international businesses, and many more.

Graduates with a full-time, three or four year common law degree, which must be of substantial and durational equivalence to an American law degree, may be immediately eligible to apply to sit the New York bar examination. If you are a practising lawyer with a common law degree, you may be eligible to sit the Texas bar exam. Qualified lawyers who do not possess a common law degree can apply to take the California bar exam.
Classroom or Home Study

  • Classroom lectures are administered by U.S. attorney-qualified BARBRI course directors and facilitators
  • Pre-recorded lectures delivered by expert American law school professors are shown in the classroom and may also be accessed virtually through BARBRI’s online Personal Study Plan
  • Classroom locations are offered in London, Dublin and Dubai
  • Classes held on Friday evening and Saturday or Thursday evening and Friday in the Middle East
  • Time and study expectations are 20-30 hours per week over 6-month duration
  • Recommended for candidates desiring structure and regular face-­to-face contact

  • Comprises the same written and online materials as the lecture course, accessed on demand following a detailed Personal Study Plan
  • Watch pre-recorded lectures delivered by expert American law school professors and accessed online anywhere in the world through BARBRI’s online Personal Study Plan
  • Encouraged to attend physical venues for mock exams
  • Course Directors available at mutually convenient time to provide study guidance; Fortnightly communication from BARBRI International and availability throughout the programme
  • Truly part-time option with greater flexibility designed for working professionals. Choose from:
    – 6-month course duration requiring 20-30 hours of study per week OR
    –10-month course duration requiring no more than 10-15 hours of study per week
Key Benefits of the BARBRI International Programme
It gives students a choice of 6 months (10-15 hours per week) or 10 months (20-30 hours per week) to prepare to sit the Bar Exam, to perfect the exam techniques and learn the essential US law, and can be taken by working professionals as well as recently graduated law students.
  1. Course is taught by US law professors (experts in their fields, many of whom are Ivy League professors) by pre-recorded video which is available to students online whenever they need it, so the course is very flexible.
  2. We provide students with a ‘Foundations in US Law’ online module which is completed in the first month of the course (and is available immediately if the student wants to enrol early). It comprises online introductory lectures on the 7 core subjects tested in the US Bar exams, skills workshop lectures on how to tackle MCQs, essays and performance tests. This is approximately 90 hours of self-directed work. The first couple of weeks are skills lectures, and then it launches into the substantive law lectures.  The courses start with Foundations and then Bar Review lectures start a month afterwards.
  3. Students have access to the best materials, online learning tools (BARBRI Amp and Study-smart MBE, and Personal Study Planner (PSP) which tells them when they log in to the BARBRI enrolled student centre what exercises and homework they have to do and what study they need to do), learning support (facilitators and attorneys in US standing by to answer e-mailed substantive law questions) and administrative support (advice on registering to sit the Bar exams, on what they need to take to the Bar Exam);
  4. 2 mock exams provided for both courses. One MBE mock, and one full mock.
  5. We provide skills seminars for the classroom course and there are 2 additional essay writing skills seminars, a Q & A session dealing with MBE questions as well as an MPT writing skills seminar new to the course from September 2016. These will be led by facilitators in class, and the students will complete an exercise in class, and correct it with the facilitators.  Remember it is only available in the 6-month classroom course.
  6. Instead of having a facilitator as their point of contact, Home Study (online) students are assigned a BARBRI International mentor who will keep in contact with them every 2 weeks (or more frequently if required) via phone or email to check in and provide learning support and study advice.
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