Business Academy Aarhus International student Admissions  & Application
Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus international student admissions & applications
Business Academy Aarhus - University of Applied Sciences
Business Academy Aarhus – one of the largest business academies in Denmark
Business Academy Aarhus develops and offers practice-orientated undergraduate programmes. With more than 4,500 full-time students – 1,000 of which are international - we are one of the largest and most internationally recognised business academies in Denmark.
What we offer
We offer a variety of 15 different programmes taught 100% in English.
  • 4,500 full-time students
  • 1000 international students from 42 countries
  • 400 academic staff members
  • 23 programmes offered in Danish
  • 17 programmes offered in English
Teaching is a mix of creative learning, applied research, and collaborative group work in small classes of 20-35 students, giving close contact between lecturer and students. You work with real-life cases and situations, and will learn to put theory into practice. All programmes include a compulsory internship in Denmark or abroad, and our close ties with business and industry provide you with ample international study and job opportunities during you studies.
Studying at the Academy
At Business Academy AArhus, teaching is performed in small classes of 20-35 students. Students attend classes on a daily basis and have between 18-25 lessons per week. For the remaining time, students are expected to prepare for classes, meet for group work, and complete assignments and projects.

The teaching methods include dialgue-based theoretical and practical training, group and project work, and company visits. We expect our students to be active in class, express their opinion and participate in discussions with lecturers and fellow students.

The relationship between student and lecturer is very informal, and a lecturer is often seen as a kind of mentor to the students, to guide them in the right direction when they are problem solving and searching for answers. In Denmark, everybody is on first-name bases.

We offer programmes within these fields:
  • Biotechnology
  • IT and Technology
  • Business
  • Web, Media and Communication
  • Environment and Agriculture
Monthly expenses EUR:
Rent (single room in a dormitory) 340-410
Food 225
Bus card (monthly season ticket) 55
Phone 25-50
Internet (if not included in rent) 15
Other expenses EUR:
Bike (second-hand) 40-80
Study trip (depending on programme) 300-600
Books (depending on programme) 190-620
A cup of coffee in the canteen 1,35
A litre of milk 1
Loaf of bread 1,65
Why go abroad to Study?
Choosing your education is not always easy, and going abroad to study may seem like a very big step. And it is, but you will gain so much by doing so, both professionally and personally.

You will:
  • get and internationally recognised quality education
  • learn about other cultures
  • gain an international network, and make new friends from all over the world
  • grow as a person
Where to find us
We're based in Aarhus, a very young city – "The Smiling City". It's the second largest city in Denmark, and has nearly 20% student population. You will experience the great atmosphere of this trend-setting, lively and bustling city first hand, while living in a hub of exhibitions, culture, theatre and sports. Close to the forests and beaches, and in the centre of Denmark, making it easy to get to other big cities in Denmark and Europe.
Aarhus, Denmark