Centro Universitario de Idiomas - CUI International student Admissions  & Application
Centro Universitario de Idiomas - CUI

Centro Universitario de Idiomas - CUI

Centro Universitario de Idiomas - CUI international student admissions & applications
Centro Universitario De Idiomas
Do you want to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires with the highest academic standards? At CUI, we have  20+ years of excellence in teaching languages to thousands of students. Our Spanish Programs are no exception: they were created in a solid institution and guarantee the same quality services that made us the biggest language center in Argentina.

We have designed our Spanish Programs following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); all our courses have a communicative approach and are task-oriented. In other words, you will learn Spanish in Buenos Aires by actually doing things through the language, in an enjoyable and meaningful process.

CUI | Spanish Programs offers official transcripts, certified by Universidad de Buenos Aires, that will allow you to obtain university credits. Therefore, your language and cultural immersion experience can also imply an academic benefit.

We then invite you to enjoy a real immersion, learn with the highest academic standards and have fun. Make it worthwhile. Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires at CUI.
About Us
The Centro Universitario de Idiomas (CUI) was born in 1992 within the School of Agronomy of Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Twenty five years later, our teaching philosophy still has a University imprint.

In 1992, CUI was aimed to fulfill students’ needs regarding foreign language learning. Barrio Retiro PlazaHowever, shortly after and as the result of a university extension project, these language courses were made available to the community at large.  

Today, more than twenty languages are taught at CUI: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Spanish for foreign students and six aboriginal languages, Mapuche, Quechua, Guaraní, Toba-Qom, Tehuelche and Wichí, among others.

All language programs at CUI are a natural extension of  university activities. Course contents at CUI have been duly approved by the  Superior Council of the School of Agronomy of Universidad de Buenos Aires.  CUI is well known for the quality of its programs and for the professionalism of its teaching staff. Teacher training is constant during the year, whether in seminars inside CUI or outside. A distinct feature of CUI is the outstanding diversity in terms of ideology, educational background, life experience, and age of its student population. These are key factors that contribute to enrich classroom activities and help promote discussion and debate as a means of language acquisition.

To meet the needs of its nearly twenty thousand students, CUI offers an extensive time schedule, ten venues strategically located around the city and in the suburbs, spacious classrooms, a bookstore, a multimedia workshop, a cafeteria, a library, and a variety of services, all of which help optimize study and recreational time.
Our Spanish Programs in Buenos Aires teaches Spanish to more than 800 foreign international students a year and is renowned for its academic quality and competitive prices.

It was created in 1998 to satisfy the growing demand from students and travelers from all around the world who visit Buenos Aires and want to learn Spanish along with our local culture.

CUI | Spanish Programs soon became a hub for those foreigners seeking for Argentine higher education programs, because it offers a large net of cooperation with local Universities, both public and private. Therefore, students can enroll through us not only to Spanish courses, but also to undergraduate and graduate careers, short-term programs, seminars and the typical Study Abroad programs in Buenos Aires, both on semester or summer formats, in Spanish or in English (on demand). All programs offered by CUI can render university credits.  

CUI’s Spanish Language Department executes a proactive overseas recruitment policy, having achieved a rapid success in educational markets such as China, USA, Brazil and some parts of the European Union. This is a consequence of our permanent and strong presence in educational fairs such as NAFSA or the China Education Expo, official trade missions, and individual visits to partner institutions and educational institutions in the aforementioned countries and regions. As a consequence of these efforts, the students of our Spanish Programs in Buenos Aires enjoy an international and multicultural environment.

In the Superior Cycle students are encouraged to further develop linguistic abilities (oral presentations, debate, reading and comprehending academic texts, essay-writing) and specific contents necessary to perform effectively in an academic environment. Our program aims at helping students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to achieve a better performance in their university studies.

CUI has partnership agreements with both public and private universities that allow us to offer a wide range of courses and academic opportunities to study abroad. We also assist our students through the registration processes.
Student Accommodation Options
  • Safe and accessible locations
  • Study areas
  • Private or shared rooms with private bathroom, WI FI and phone to receive calls
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Private lockers
  • Laundry service available
  • 24h reception / No curfew
Student Residence
Staying in one of the student residences we work with offers a great chance to meet long-term Latin American and Argentine students. This way, CUI's students can practice their language skills 24/7 while exploring Buenos Aires with other young students who have been living in the city for a while and know it well.
  • Breakfast included
  • WI FI
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Private rooms or shared dorms
  • 24h reception / No curfew
Our students can stay in one of the charming and quiet hostels we work with in Buenos Aires . This option implies the opportunity to make a lot of friends in a travelers' environment and still have a good night rest.
Cultural Activities
Learning a language means soaking up the local culture and expanding your understanding of it. That’s why our Intensive Spanish Programs include cultural activities outside the classroom that are specially chosen and planned according to the students’ interests and proficiency in Spanish.

Our cultural activities in Buenos Aires vary from month to month to ensure renovation of the program. Some of them include visiting the historical Plaza de Mayo and its emblematic Casa Rosada and Cabildo, the picturesque La Boca quarter and its traditional Caminito street, the Colón Theatre (ranked amongst the best top 5 in the world), the MALBA Museum, which holds one of the most important contemporary Latin American art collections, and Evita Museum, where you will learn about this Argentine iconic First Lady.

If what you’re after is a more folkloric experience off the mainstream tourism, Mataderos’ fair craft activity is absolutely a non-miss. Combining rural and urban activities, you will witness all type of Argentine cultural expressions: folk dances and music, rural activities and entertainment, indigenous and rural handicraft, regional foods and much more.                       

Shows are also a big part of our cultural offer. Bomba de Tiempo is an improvisation percussion orchestra that interacts with the audience and with other artists to create a unique show every single time. And of course, you will experience Tango attending a show with live orchestra and professional dancers. CUI takes you to one of the must-see tango shows in town.
Cultural Activities at CUI