College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada

Moonseok Jung, South Korea

Hi! My name is Moonseok Jung, from Republic of Korea. Somehow I have a lot of different names, but you can call me either ‘Moon’, or ‘Brad’ whichever you prefer the most.

Speaking of my Vegas life, since it has been more than two years now, I would like to say I like everything except for the heat during the summer. To be honest, summer heat has been hardest thing for me to deal with, and I am pretty sure it is hard to deny for other people too. Other-wise, I like everything, especially the fact that I can meet people from different cultural backgrounds and that is what totally fascinating me.

Since the beginning of study at CSN, I also have started school club, ISO (International Student Or-ganization) as a member and now I am currently doing vice president in there. If I could describe myself, I would say one word ‘International’. Because of the American drama that I accidently started watching, ‘Modern Family’, I was so much motivated to dreaming of international family, or even a community, so guess that’s how I got joined ISO and decided to participate in as many activities as I could.

Now I am doing my last semester at CSN and I will be studying over at UNLV from next year Spring semester. This makes me sad but also exited at the same time because of a lot of memories I made here, and new memories I will make over at UNLV. But before I leave this school, I want to leave this message to all. Regardless either you are domestic or international student, school is supposed to be an open place for ‘YOU’ all to be involved with society and get along with others. Academic study is important, but being involved with others and learning their cultural stuffs also one big part of study. I hope you have same thought as I have and hope everything is going well.

Moonseok Jung, South Korea
Takemi Matsuda, Japan

Hi. This is Takemi Matsuda. I came from Japan. I want to talk about my life in Las Vegas. I arrived at Las Vegas 7 months ago. It was my first time to take a flight alone. I was super nervous. When I arrived, I needed to call to my bus driver. I remember that I said “Sorry? Sorry? What did you said?” many times when I called. At that time, I noticed again that I need to study hard.

I spend 6 mounts at an Intensive English school. I met most of my friends who I still hang out with. It was hard because, I just studied English in the school. And I don’t like to study English to be honest. But I love speaking English. That’s why I could study even if it was hard.

My first college life started about 2 months ago. I was worried about if I couldn’t make friends and un-derstand what professor talking about… But, it was just a waste of the time! In my class I got many op-portunities to meet people who came from different countries, speak different languages, and are different ages. I didn't expect that many 30 or 40 years old people are studying at college, because it’s not common in my country. I’m so excited about that and enjoying my first college life.

It happened a couple weeks ago. I had a chapter test on my Aviation Meteorology class. Of course, I prepared a lot for that. When I finished my test, I had mysterious confidence for expecting results. But all the time, when I had that kind of feeling, my score is horrible. So, I thought it’s gonna be so bad. After a week ago, my professor posted my test score online and I got 100%. I couldn’t believe that. So, I sent email to my professor to make sure that is correct. And he told me “You got highest score in the class. Good job.” I was so happy. This experience encouraged me to study more hard. For now, I’m still trying to get highest score in the class and this attempting is not just for Aviation class. The reason for keep trying is I don’t like give up. And this is my life.

Takemi Matsuda, Japan
Donrudee Thinngamdee, Thailand

Question 1) Describe your current semester. What are you doing?

I graduated in the Spring 2016 semester. I have worked as a greeter at Wyndham Vaca-tion Ownership after that. I am planning to go travel in several places in the United States.

Question 2) How hard was it for you to find a job for OPT?

It is actually not easy to get a job if you do not have direct work expe-rience in the field that you would like to apply. However, this prob-lem can be solved if you plan in advance about the job you would like to apply and try to work as internship during you are studying. You will get a chance to build up connection that you may find it benefit.

Question 3) What is one of the best things that you have en-joyed about studying at CSN?
There are several things I like at CSN, but the best would be the lecturers. All of the profes-sors I have met at CSN are very helpful and provide the knowledge that I was looking for. This is also the result of me knowing what I would like to get from the classes I took. So, I could study and ask the right questions in the class and after class to achieve my study pur-poses.

Question 4) What was one of the hardest things for you to deal with while studying at CSN? And how did you address the issue?

I did not have any problem with the study. The only thing I had to deal with was more about the restrictions that an international student has to follow. As an international student, I have to make sure that every action I did each semester would follow the rule and not jeopardize my visa sta-tus. In order to do it, I always made an appointment with the internation-al center each semester before I en-rolled for classes

Question 5) Why do you think you were able to succeed as a student at CSN?

It was because I put a lot of effort and dedicated my time in studying. I received all the knowledge I expected before I started my life as a student at CSN and final-ly graduated with the highest level of honor.

Question 6) If you could give other CSN international students three suggestions of advice, what would you tell them?

First of all, you should know yourself about why you choose to study in the major you are studying. This is for you to know what your purpose of study is. Secondly, study hard and apply for internship jobs in the area that you have your eyes on to build up your resume. Lastly, you should definitely have some fun while you are studying. Do not only study. Go travel if you have time!

Donrudee Thinngamdee, Thailand
Anno Takeuchi, Japan

I am inspired by people and learn something new every day. All difficulties motivate me in a positive way.

The first month I started college, I was studying whole days including weekends but I realized that it is bad for my English growth, and it is not my real purpose to study abroad. So after that, I tried meeting new people by going out. I met many people who want to learn Japanese or who want to visit my country. That makes me feel good! Also, when I have experiences like this, I am more aware of being Japanese. I need to know more about Japanese culture to make them understand. So it’s good for me too. Balancing between study and having fun is the most important thing to enrich your college life.

To make valuable time, I need to finish my assignments during weekdays no matter how busy I am. It sounds like impossible thing to do but CSN has many great places to help us with our homework. This is the best thing that I like about CSN. I use the library, writing center, and tutoring service a lot. Personally, tutoring service is incredibly useful for me. I can understand the material I studied in the class in an hour appointment. More than anything, they have International Center which can answer any questions I have. I won’t feel left behind. Growing up as a human and having fun and meeting amazing people, CSN is a definitely great place. I appreciate all the support I have.

Anno Takeuchi, Japan
Ping Li, China

Hi, my name is Ping Li, and I’m a pre-nursing student of CSN. I’m so glad that I can share my CSN experience here with you, because CSN really changed my life. I’m from Chi-na, Hunan province. Unlike America, where you can go back to college if you want, China has a college entrance exam which determines every Chinese person’s future. So when I did poorly on my exam, I didn’t get chance to go to a col-lege in China. For years, Ihave been dreaming of going to a college, I wanted to study. So when my friend who was studying at CSN told me that I could come to America and study at CSN with her, I was more than happy to hear this idea.

So I came to America and started my studying at CSN in 2015. I scored 63 in TOEFL, because I left school for four years. With a really bad English foundation, I was worried about my academic life in the United States. But thankfully, CSN provided any help I could get. There is writing center you can go and get help with your English reading and writing. The tutors would help you to find a way to better understand the study materials and give you ideas about how to start an essay. Thanks to them, I finished my first college level of 8-page research paper and I scored “A” for every one of my English classes. There is science resource center provide tutors to help you with any science courses help. When I first took my biology class, I was really terri-fied about all those unfamiliar terminology and concepts. Fortunately, with the help of the science resource center, I managed to understand all the biology concepts. I even became fascinated about biology and changed my major from hotel management to nursing. There is also math cen-ter provide tutors with your math problems. If you want more help and longer time with the tutor, you can even book one-to-one tutor to help with any of your classes. Amazing thing is they are all free!

So here I am, an international student at CSN, started with poorly English, managed to get 3.98 out of 4 GPA, with a major even a native English speaker would do bad in. I thank CSN, because it gives me a chance to show myself: you can do it if you want. CSN is perfect! It has low tuition compare to universities; it has great variety of student from all over the world, you won’t find yourself alone here; there are so many great professors not any give you good lec-tures but also provide office hours to help you with any academic problems at CSN; it has good locations as well. With three main campuses, you can easily find a convenient one to go to. Moreover, Nevada has really cheap living cost.

I am so glad that I made my choice to come to CSN. I had my best two years here. I hope to see you in a very short time. If you are like me, wanting to really study something, hey, find me in the CSN library.

Ping Li, China