Concordia University of Edmonton International student Admissions  & Application
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Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University of Edmonton international student admissions & applications
Concordia University of Edmonton
Concordia University of Edmonton: Edmonton's University. Your springboard.
This is where it starts - the beginning of your big future. Every step you take on this exhilarating journey, you shape your tomorrow. And there's no finer place to do that than right here are at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Nestled in Alberta's capital city, we offer over 45 majors and minors in the fields of Arts, Science and Management. We also offer After Degree programs, Master's degrees and several graduate certificates and diplomas. No matter your path, we will work with you to successfully launch your career. This is where you can become an innovative trailblazer and effective leader.

Your education should be thrilling. That's what Concordia University of Edmonton offers. Here, you'll learn on the riverfront and discover at the forefront.
Students enjoying the outdoors at Concordia University of Edmonton
Why study here?
With a world full of possibilities, Concordia University of Edmonton would be thrilled to be considered as your university of choice to continue your studies.

Students studing at Concordia University of Edmonton We are an inclusive and diverse university with a strong sense of community and a big heart. We are highly regarded in Canada for excellence in teaching, in our services for students, and in our unique niche programs. Concordia University of Edmonton ensures that the needs of every student are addressed, and with an average class size of 30 students we have the ability to offer students a more personal learning experience.

Our internationalization strategy includes learning that gives the student an experience beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge; it emphasizes constant dialogue and mentoring between student and faculty, nurturing an authentic quest for truth in all participants. You'll graduate from Concordia University of Edmonton, equipped with an internationally recognized degree and the critical thinking and communication skills you'll need to succeed, regardless of the field of study you choose.
Cultivate knowledge.
Seek new discoveries.
Our academic programs are based on a broad curriculum expressed through interactive hands-on lectures and an intimate environment in which you are encouraged to think, learn, express, contribute, and discover with the guidance of your professors.

The Concordia University of Edmonton experience gives you a solid foundation to face the future with confidence. We are committed to the highest standards in education, maximizing potential, and offering you an awesome student-focused experience.

To support and enhance the student experience on campus, we are committed to the ongoing development and engagement of active research. Research is considered to be a part of the intellectual development of both students and faculty, providing a visible demonstration of academic excellence to the broader community.

Research at Concordia University of Edmonton is a process of inquiry that generates new knowledge. It may involve scholarly, scientific, or creative activities in a field of specialization that results in the development of new insights. These are communicated to a broader academic community.
Admission to graduation.
Support at every step.
As a student, you are at the centre of everything we do at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Student Life & Learning is an integral part of student success. We ensure you get access to support and assistance from your very first day on campus, starting with orientation where you'll learn to navigate university culture, classrooms, and campus life, all the way through to the day you graduate.
Students graduating from Concordia University of Edmonton