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EBC Hochschule - University of Applied Sciences international student admissions & applications
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Students at EBC Hochschule
About EBC Hochschule
About EBC HochschuleEBC University of Applied Sciences is a private, officially recognised university with many years' experience in academic training. At three dynamic and attractive locations in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf it offersyou international, practically oriented courses of study in a personal learning atmosphere.

The University is committed to an economy that focuses on people. It is our aim to prepare you for the complex demands of companies and to help design a sustainable society which is worth living in and which is globally growing closer and closer together.

EBC University sets high value on providing you with a holistic education and wish not only to promote specialist/methodical competences, but also to develop your personalities continuously. Such an approach is based on tolerance, ethical principles, broad-mindedness and responsible behaviour.
Practical orientation
Studying at EBC University especially involves a high degree of practical orientation through internships and practical projects as well as internationalism through foreign language orientation, including the acquisition of cross-cultural competences. At our officially recognised university, you complete an internship either in Germany or abroad after the second semester and another internship abroad after the fourth semester in the BA-programs. In these internships, the knowledge acquired is put into practice and students can reflect upon the specialized subjects they will take later in their studies.
Compact graduation
Studying at EBC HochschuleEBC Students usually graduate with a Bachelor of Arts after 6 semesters. This as well as the option to complete foreign language certificates of the respective chambers of commerce enhances a smooth job entry. Graduates may also wish to complete a Master degree in Germany or abroad upon graduation. In our Master program you graduate after 4 semesters with a Master of Arts. Whatever the plans – our graduates are equipped with intercultural competencies and business expertise that helps them pursue their careers with great confidence.
Information for international students
International students are an integral part of our institutional culture. When you walk through our hallways, you will hear English, German, French, Spanish and, and, and every day.

We are a small campus, which means you cannot get lost and there is always someone to help you out around.

Especially for your arrival and during the first month of your studies at EBC Hochschule, we established the International Students Office, which is a service unit that will take care of all your enquiries, so that you do not have to run from office to office.

After you obtained your visa, we will organise your residence permit. You will not need any German in order to study or to deal with university administration.

International students are allowed to work in Germany and after your degree you have at least 18 month in order to find employment. Our career service will assist you with this.

We are looking forward to working with you!