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MAHSA University international student admissions & applications
Why Choose MAHSA University?

It started in humble beginning as MAHSA College. MAHSA was upgraded to "University College" status in a mere four years and subsequently, achieved "University" status in 2013. This rapid growth and upgrade in status is a standing testimony of the dedication and commitment present within the academic and administrative staff of the University. It has a vision to be the centre of excellence in Higher Education in the region.

MAHSA University is an entity that is continually evolving; developing new programs, creating pathways of further education and probing into research activities so as to offer prospective and current students a rich learning experience and a comprehensive education which will be valuable and rewarding.

MAHSA University is best known in Malaysia for their specialisation in health science courses. In order to generate a pool of skilled healthcare professionals, it was agreed upon form the start that MAHSA would gather the brightest minds in the country and abroad to help nurture the minds of our students and hone their skills. Furthermore, in the field of healthcare, theoretical knowledge though important is nonetheless secondary to clinical exposure and thus it was decided that students of MAHSA must gain practical experience at the earliest stage during their tenure. Finally, state of the art facilities were created to complement the innovative teaching curriculum and a highly qualified and motivated teaching staff.

MAHSA University today offers programs in the fields of Healthcare, Engineering, Business and Accounting as well as the American Degree Transfer Programme, providing international and professional linkages for all their students. It is recognized as one of the premier institution that focuses in the delivery of education in the field of healthcare offering programs ranging from Certificate programs to Diploma, Degree, Masters and Doctorate programs spread over 7 faculties and 3 centers namely Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Business and Finance; and Engineering, Computer Science and Built Environment and Centers for Pre-University, Post-graduation.

10 Reasons why choose MAHSA University
  1. High Quality Teaching
    Our teaching staff are highly qualified and come with industry experience to help you acquire the knowledge and skills that employers will appreciate.
  2. Excellent Facilities
    MAHSA University modern facilities are catered mainly for student's educational and recreational use, which provides a holistic learning environment and approach.
  3. Strategic Location and Convenience
    We are only 30 -45 minutes away from major highways in Klang Valley, such as LDP, Sprint, Kerinchi and Federal. Parking is also ample and safe for those prefer to drive.
  4. Scholarships Available
    Merit scholarships, sports scholarships, continuing scholarships are available for deserving students.
  5. On Campus Residence
    On campus residence means you can be within easy and safe reach of the college's facilities. It is a great way to meet friends and to immerse yourself in college life.
  6. Industry Based Curriculum
    Our curriculum is designed based on consultation with the industry experts, to ensure they always stay relevant. Our graduates are highly employable as they are career ready.
  7. Rich Student Diversity
    Our international and multi-cultured student community is excellent in providing a richer experience to all students as we embrace the different cultures and become citizens of the global community.
  8. Personalised Support
    As our student, we will provide personalized support in the form of insights, advice and guidance to help manage and supervise their progression in the programme of their choice.
  9. Progression Pathway Opportunities
    Successful graduates are given preferred admission to MAHSA University degree programs.
  10. Affordable Fees
    All our programs are very affordable and Malaysian students are eligible for PTPTN loan.

The Degrees awarded to students who studied with MAHSA UNIVERSITY (a full-fledged University) in Malaysia are equivalent to those conferred to students who studied in UK itself. With a UK degree, students will have the opportunity to gain employment and chart their careers both locally and globally.

Awards & Accreditations
  • MAHSA University – Top Healthcare University in Malaysia
  • MAHSA Engineering Gears Up for Industry 4.0
  • MAHSA University Wins Pitch for Progress 2.0
  • MAHSA University - Best Health Science University in Malaysia
  • Education Excellence for University (2014)
  • Leadership Excellence in Education Management (2013)
  • The Best Brands in Education – 'Health Science' in (The Brand Laureate Best Brands Awards 2011 – 2012 Asia Pacific) under the Corporate Branding category.
  • Malaysian Scientific Association 'Science, Technology & Innovation Award' (2012)
  • APEI Award for Education Excellence 2010 for Universities and University College.
  • SO 9001:2000 Certificate Quality Management System
  • Education Excellence Award for University College (2010)
  • Doctor job's Award for Most Popular Private College/University for Nursing (2009)
  • Best Student Choice Award 2009 for Most Popular Private College/ University for Nursing
  • Education Excellence Award for Large Size College (2008)
  • Education Excellence Award for Medium Size College (2006)