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Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia University of Applied Sciences international student admissions & applications
Saviona University
About Us
Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one of the biggest and most versatile UASs in Finland. We educate doers and movers in six different fields, ranging from ballet teachers to farmers to business experts. 6000 individuals from all over the world are finding their own paths for the future, in the heart of eastern Finland.
Global opportunities and local networks
We head for the bulls eye in our education. You will become globally oriented and learn English, want it or not. Our approach to teaching is far away from dusty archives; we learn to do things and implement ideas. Local businesses and foreign partners are a constant part of our daily life and when you graduate, you will have a good base for your contact network and professional portfolio already. And never forget the Savonia alumni all over the world, your fellows by default!
Students love it here!
You did know that Finland is an arctic country? No?! Well, be prepared to be amazed. Half of the year it is very dark and half of the year it never gets dark. There are two more seasons in between, rainy and gray autumn, and sunny and bright spring. As a bonus you will also experience the quirky sense of humor and laid-back atmosphere of our Savo area. And - if you wish for more official facts, we basically live in paradise on earth with clean air, clean nature, abundance of clean lakes and clean… conscience. (Really, you could check Finnish National Agency for Education website for harder facts)
Joint campus with 150 companies
The main campus of Savonia is in the middle of the Kuopio technology park. You will be mingling with future nurses, hospitality experts, engineering types and people who actually already have a profession and are working in real companies. There is no way you can get away without learning to cooperate with different people. Savonian or not.

The home base for the engineering students is on Opistotie campus, sharing ideas and spaces with our design students. In the recreational sense there are plenty of possibilities to mix with other fields of study; the city center with all the possible distractions to studying is within walking distance.