University of Pecs Medical School Dentistry Program International student Admissions  & Application
University of Pecs Medical School Dentistry Program

University of Pecs Medical School Dentistry Program

University of Pecs Medical School Dentistry Program international student admissions & applications
University of Pécs Medical School
University of Pécs
The University has conducted degree programs in English for more than 30 years and so has become one of the most internationalized universities in Hungary. We are proud to host nearly 4,000 international students coming from more than 100 countries of the world.

Besides being the oldest university in the country, the University of Pécs has earned a prominent position in terms of international excellence as well. The entire institution, as well as many of our faculties and study programs took leading positions in highly recognized international rankings.
Facts and Figures
  • The First University of Hungary with 650 years of tradition - established in 1376
  • In the top 3.6% of international higher education institutiosn worldlwide. (SOURCE: Center for World University Rankings, 2016)
  • 33 clinical departments
  • 25 basic science departments
  • about 800 physicians and lecturers
  • 360 physicians holding a Ph.D. degree
  • 82 members holding the Hungarian degree of Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.)
  • 7 members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • More than 3500 students from over 65 countries"
  • University Hospital with a capacity of about 1350 beds
  • General Medicine English Program older than 30 years
Dentistry at The University of Pécs Medical School
The Medical School
University of Pécs Medical School is divided into 33 clinical departments and another 25 departments concerned with the basic sciences and pre-clinical medicine. There are also several subdepartments and sections that contribute to the research and teaching activities.

Along with each individual's full-time commitment to clinical service, the staff members of the Medical School, numbering about 800 physicians and lecturers, participate in the teaching and research programs, as well. This internationally recognized faculty hosts more than 360 physicians holding a Ph.D. degree, 82 members also hold the Hungarian degree of Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.). Seven seniors hold membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Medical SChool and the Faculty of Pharmacy has more than 3500 students from over 65 countries.

The Medical School draws its patients from all the areas of Hungary and many foreign countries, as well. The entire University Hospital has a capacity of approximately 1350 beds. The University Heart Center is the most up-to-date and best equipped medical department of this type in Hungary.

Research and Facilities

Keeping up with the highest educational standards, the Medical School is well equipped with lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories, and other facilities used for a variety of educational functions. In 2012 the János Szentágothai Scientific Centre was opened. All the laboratories are well equipped according to the highest European standards.

Although the primary purpose of the Medical School is to teach sciences and the art of medicine, research is another of its important functions. There are over 60 ongoing research projects supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the National Research Foundation and the Hungarian Ministry of Education. Additional grants come from local pharmaceutical companies and various industrial firms.
Dental science at The University of Pécs Medical School
Life in Pecs and Hungary
Hungary is a beautiful landlocked EU country situated in the Carpathian Basin, in the middle of the continent. Despite being rather small, its beneficial Central European position makes the country an appealing destination to live, work or study. Hungary has much to offer for visitors, from the architectural and cultural delights of historic cities, to vineyard–covered hills, freshwater lakes and therapeutic mineral springs. This small country is one of the oldest in Europe where 2000-year-old Roman ruins and 400-year-old Turkish monuments can be found side by side.

The University of Pécs is located in the uniquely beautiful and lively city of Pécs – a proper, multi-campus university town – which was designated to be European Capital of Culture in 2010. The large international student population has become an essential part not only of the university but also of the city’s everyday life.

Pécs has a temperate climate with a snowy, cold winter and a sunny, hot summer, ranging from minimum -5°C in winter to maximum +30°C in summer. It also has beautiful autumn and spring seasons. In South Transdanubia, spring arrives early and we can enjoy the benefits of late summer days - Indian summer - which can last even until November.
The beautiful city of Pecs