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The University of Saint Joseph (USJ)

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ)

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) international student admissions & applications
The University of Saint Joseph (USJ)
About University of Saint Joseph (USJ)
The University of Saint Joseph(USJ) was created in Macao in 1996 by the Catholic Foundation for Higher Education (owned in equal parts by the Diocese of Macao and the Catholic University of Portugal) with the aim of setting up a Catholic University in Macao, closely following the model and standards of top European universities, to facilitate the continued interchange and dialogue between East and West that marked the history of Macao.

Our university follows anhonourable and long history of Catholic tertiary education in Macao, initiated in the late 16th Century by Fr. Alessandro Valignano, founder of the University College of Saint Paul.USJ represents Catholic education at its highest, university level.Our university inherits the longstanding tradition of Catholic humanistic education in Macau, which extended beyond the confines of China to all East and South-East Asia, and the islands of Oceania.Close links to the Catholic University of Portugal and to Catholic universities in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique, set us in the privileged position of being able to contribute to Macau’s present calling as a bridge between Portuguese-speaking countries.
Why Study at USJ
Using English as a medium and teaching Chinese and Portuguese as languages to be known by all, USJ sets the stage for its international staff and multinational student-body. In our academy, East and West carry on the centuries-old dialogue through which Macao acquired its unique identity.

Our study programmes provide students with the essentials of their major field of knowledge, but include modules to broaden their outlook on the world and stimulate creative thinking. We care for the competence of our graduates in their future professions, but our privilege and mission is to introduce them to a university environment where they learn to analyse, question, evaluate and decide in the context of consciously assimilated values and culture.

We are committed to improving the quality of our academic life in the light of suggestions from staff, students and society, to better serve higher education in China and Macao.

The University offers a wide range of programmes across different fields of knowledge. The government of Macao accredits all our programmes, and our graduates have been able to pursue careers and further studies with prestigious local and international institutions, thus endowing us with a high level of recognition and credibility.

Come and visit USJ any given day and you are likely to find a concert, debate, public lecture or other academic or cultural activity. Besides strong academic programmes, being a student at USJ is an enriching and involving experience that enables you to develop multiple skills and interests.

We have high ambitions for ourselves and for our students. In order to help our students achieve the high standards we set for them, we provide ample academic, scientific and personal resources (tutorials, mentoring, counselling).
International Students
Information for international students
USJ provides a truly multicultural environment to its students: You will share the campus with people from 70 different countries. This exposure will also be complemented with the opportunity to learn different languages:
  • All classes are taught in English.
  • Students must study one year of Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the World.
  • Students must study one year of Portuguese, the native language of over 200 million people, making it one of the most popular language in the World. Portuguese is also an increasingly important language for diplomacy and business in China as some Portuguese-speaking countries, most notably Brazil and Angola, become key trading partners of China.
Our exchange programme agreements provide students with access to reputable international universities around the World.Students are encouraged to apply to the exchange programmes and spend one Semester at one of our partner universities.
International applicants should apply by completeing the form to the right. After receiving and reviewing your information, an Admissions Adviser will contact you to discuss your application with you. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange the subsequent steps in the application process.