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John Cabot University

John Cabot University

John Cabot University international student admissions & applications
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As an American university located in Rome, Italy, John Cabot University is a unique place to earn your Bachelor's Degree. While choosing an academic discipline is certainly important, today’s increasingly international landscape makes a university’s location an equally important factor to consider.

John Cabot University boasts the same advantages of its U.S.-based counterparts: an elite liberal arts education, dedicated professors with degrees from prestigious institutions and professional experience in their fields, student organizations and athletics, excellent on-campus housing, and a career services center that provides students with internship opportunities and career advice. Unlike American liberal arts universities in the United States, John Cabot University students are immersed in an international environment, where they take classes daily with students from over 70 different countries and learn to live in a modern European capital that is world-renowned for its culture. John Cabot University is a private American university, and the tuition fee is low in comparison to universities in the United States. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and/or financial need.

Students can join John Cabot University in January or August and scholarships are awarded for transfer students as well as first year students.


John Cabot's thirteen majors take advantage of John Cabot's advantageous location to allow our students to have unique academic experiences that would be impossible elsewhere.Our Business students are able to take their studies to the working world by interning with top multinational corporations and companies, gaining international working experience and forming connections that they will need to compete in today's job market. Our Political Science and International Affairs students are able to study Machiavelli's political theories in the same country that he put his ideas to use while also studying the European Union and Italy's government, both of which are undergoing profound changes. Our Finance and Economics students are able to do more than simply memorize economic theories in their courses by putting their newfound knowledge to practical use while discussing Italy's economic situation from both domestic and international standpoints.

Our Art History, Classical Studies, and History students are able to study Rome's history and culture in their context, examining archaeological sites and invaluable artwork firsthand.


Students who choose to pursue an education abroad become more independent, flexible, and worldly than their peers who choose to remain in the same country to earn their degrees, and it is not surprising that these students have more success in the job market. John Cabot University students earn American degrees in English, some go on to pursue postgraduate degrees from top institutions all over the world, and many choose to pursue international careers that take them all over the world. Speaking more than one language in today’s globalized world is a valuable asset, and John Cabot University students become highly skilled at cross-cultural communication by learning to understand and overcome cultural differences with their peers. 

By exchanging their ideas and experiences with students and professors from different backgrounds in an academic setting and taking advantage of the many opportunities John Cabot University offers, our students become goodwill ambassadors, public opinion makers, and global citizens who will lead the way in changing the world for future generations.